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Dr. Fred C. Schwarz and The Christian Anti-Communism Crusade (Killing Commies for Christ the King)

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Here is a discussion of the so-called Senator Gale McGee (D-Wyoming) Memorandum (1962 or 1963) mostly about the John Birch Society:


This memorandum along with the Reuther Memorandum will one day be recognized as an ill-fated venture for JFK and the Democrats.

Realistically speaking it only confirmed what the Birchers and the members of Buckley's YAF feared the most: Big Brother and the One World Order

conspiring against them to ruin them financially, politically and in the eyes of their faithful followers.

Within a year of the publication of this McGee memorandum, JFK was dead.

"Hey, hey, JFK how many Birchers shot you down today?"

Was this a line from a Bob Dylan song or from whose song was it if not his?[\quote]

John, first of all the lyric was probably written by Abbie Hoffman or Jerry Rubin (both dead). I just want to say that you are knowledgeable in areas where I'm a little foggy. So I have to reread your posts here to understand better how this country worked in 1963. One thing I didn't understand -- William F. Buckley and YAF were afraid of Big Brother and the One World Order? I thought they were Big Brother aspiring to a One World Order!

Kathy C

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