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Stella Cattini-Muller

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I left full time education after 30 years of wide ranging primary teaching which included specialism in art, various co-ordination responsibilities, among them, curriculum development, community liaison, RE, literacy, the Humanities, whole school projects, induction and team leadership of ESL teachers. I also trained and practised as a counsellor. I accidently became involved in supply teaching in special schools, loved the work, and have been doing it ever since on a part time basis. It was the focus of an MA study I completed in 2002 (www.mirandanet.ac.uk/ftp/differentwayofbeing.pdf). I also recently taught primary Art, and Design & Technology to trainee teachers on a PGCE course. I am currently developing e-facilitation and ICT skills and engage in forum discussions with supply teachers. Since 1998 I have been raising funds to develop and support the education of children in a remote mountain area of NE Nigeria (www.mandaras.info/Information To Share.html).

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