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Homer and Irvin Beren

John Simkin

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Do you know if she was related to Homer and Irvin Beren?


She lived at 3525 Turtle Creek Apts. According to James, this was also where Homer Beran lived until his death in Israel during October, 1963. I'd assume she was his widow.

Now I await the shock revelation that the name and address was sheer coincidence, and they were in fact unrelated - even just by marriage :ice

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Guest Tom Scully

A 1936 Ship's manifest (Los Angeles to New York) states that Irvin was born in Marietta, Ohio on Dec. 19, 1908. That brithdate matches this:

From Social Security Death Index search:

IRVIN B BEREN 19 Dec 1908 16 Nov 2002 (V) 75225 (Dallas, Dallas, TX)

Snapshots in time, 1954 Ship's manifest and 1930 census:



Father Jacob was born in Latvia, he owned a rather pricey home, ($8,000) for that time.

Jacob was a retail merchant, selling "oil well supplies". He and his wife spoke Yiddish, she was born in Russia.

Older two children were born in Ohio, younger two were born in Oklahoma.


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Guest Tom Scully

These are the same family I posted about earlier on this thread. A physician named Irvin B. Beren died in Cinncinnati, OH, at age 87 in 2003, but as far as I can determine, he was not related to Irvin and Homer of Dallas. Irvin obtained a US patent in 1954 for a necktie rack he invented. His more recent political contributions include one for $250 for a campaign of far right oriented Senator Phil Graham, and....I hope this is just a coincidence, as Specter does not represent Texas in the US senate:


Irvin Beren, Natural Petroleum Co

$500 to Arlen Specter, Citizens For Arlen Specter on February 19, 1991

In the 'Who Was R.G. Storey' thread, the address 3525 Turtle Creek Boulevard comes up as a common address for several individuals of interest in the assassination of JFK.

This address was a luxury apartment complex opened in 1958. The builders were Edward T. Dicker and Jerome J. Frank; the architect was Howard R. Meyer.

Over the years, I have managed to compile a partial list of residents. In addition to those mentioned in the R.G. Storey thread, many of them were prominent men in the oil business.

Another curious resident was a man by the name of Homer Emanuel Beren who was the Vice President of the Frontier Manufacturing Company. His interesting history included a stint as an instructor of radar engineering to navy personnel during WW2.

Homer Beren and his brother Irvin (President of the Natural Petroleum Company), were close friends with Abraham Zapruder as the three men during the mid 1950's were members of the Temple Emanu-EL.

In late October 1963, Homer Beren was killed in Tel Avis, Israel. The cause of death has remained a mystery as I have not been able to get any details.

I have pondered that the relationship between Zapruder and the Beren brothers might have some bearing on Zapruder's appearance in Dealey Plaza on the 22nd of November, 1963.

If anyone has any details on the Beren brothers, it would be greatfully appreciated.


Homer Info: http://books.google.com/books?q=Homer+Eman...nG=Search+Books


Pioneer Jewish Texans: their impact on Texas and American history for four ...‎ - Page 117

Natalie Ornish - Science - 1989 - 323 pages

Jacob Beren's father, Elias Beren, had emigrated from Riga, Russia, in the 1890s

and bought a farm in Ohio. He later sent for the rest of his family. ...

I just located the report of Homer E. Beren's death:


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Thanks for that information, most interesting. Curious that the anatomical cause of death was not found and that the embassy destroyed his passport.

Homer Beren mixed with some curious folk in Dallas including Julius Schepps and Honest Joe Rubin, the later well aquainted with Lewis McWillie, the Campisis and Jack Ruby.

Homer was also close friends with R.G. Storey - the man who accompanied Earl Warren when he visited Ruby in prison.

It was Homer's brother Irvin who contributed financial support into Arlen Spector's political campaign.

Homer and Irvin Beren below.


Edited by James Richards
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Guest Tom Scully


You are welcome; you brought attention, years ago, to a curious pair of Dallas brothers.

The US State Dept. Homer E. Beren death report states that the results of the post-mortem ...toxicological, etc. testing, would be on file at the US Embassy in Israel. You might want to contact that Embassy or the State Dept. to request a copy of those test results.

Interestingly, the other Irvin Beren was also from Marietta, OH, as was a woman named on the Homer E. Beren death report, as his sister....and there are other Berens from Marietta also displayed at this linked page:


Irvin Beren, 87, surgeon for over a half century

Cincinnati Enquirer - Jan 23, 2003

Dr. Beren moved as a child to Cincinnati from Marietta, Ohio, where he was born in 1915. ... He was preceded in death by a son, David Beren, in 1995. ...

Feldman, Sara B.

- Dallas Morning News - NewsBank - Oct 29, 2008

Born February 22, 1907 in Marietta, Ohio to Jacob and Mollie Reivman Beren. ... Grandchildren, David W. Feldman, Jonathan Feldman and wife Elizabeth, ...

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I did contact the embassy many years ago. I never heard back.

BTW, just to add another component - Frank Fiorini and Pedro Diaz Lanz had associations with a Beren (first name unknown) back in the very early 60's.

I have no idea who this is or if he is connected to the Beren family of Dallas.



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Homer Emanuel Beren is the person I referenced as a LBJ look-a-like on the thread, Mysterious Deaths Before The Kennedy Assassination.

The photo I had posted is no longer there. I will try to upload it today.

The Dallas Morning News obituary dated October 31, 1963 was headlined

"H. E. Beren Dies While in Israel"

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