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Robert E. Cox

Robert E. Cox

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I'm a part-time rancher and full-time retired journalist. That's my byline above. Mis compadres in New Mexico call me The Gringo from Denver. My gringo pals just call me Bob.

In the first half of my 40-year journalism career, I was a staff correspondent and regional executive for United Press International, a politics reporter for a couple of daily newspapers, and the managing editor for a couple of regional magazines. In the second half, I owned and published several weekly newspapers, some in the Colorado mountains, some in the Denver suburbs.

So far, at the beginning of my planned 40-year career in ranching, I've become pretty adept at driving my Kubota tractor, cleaning the acequia (known outside of New Mexico as an irrigation ditch), chasing cattle and fixing barbed wire fences. Next summer, I'll be adept at building barns and wrangling trail horses.

In my spare time I lurk, mostly, on JFK assassination forums and attend JFK assassination conferences. That's because we have not been afforded the truth, and we must keep learning, and working to get it. For that reason, I very much appreciate the efforts of John and Andy, along with the others who provide the various opportunities to continue this discussion.

Adios, amigos.

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