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Tiger Woods - Exposed After Announcing New Tour?

Don Roberdeau

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Good Day.... It's nothing too important (relative to world events, world economies, etc) these days, but, maybe you remember some

additional details about something I seem to remember reading once about some 6 to 12 months ago.... Did not Tiger Woods announce that he was

wanting to/was going to $tart up a brand new tour/a new "league," so to speak - that would be $eperate from, and, a direct competitor to, the PGA - and,

that he would play, exclu$ively, on hi$ new tour ?

Best Regards in Research,


Don Roberdeau

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Yep, you are absolutely right there. Why expose and vilify YOUR superstar? But, on the other hand if the plantation

owners lose their best picker, is it then OK to lambaste, criticize, expose and vilify him to the ends of the earth in order

to ruin the chances for success on his NEW plantation which he now owns?

Do you know who The Walker Cup was named after? And how about the Campbell Cup Hockey Trophy? These

sports remained essentially free of integration much longer than any of the other major sports and each one still

only has 1-2 black PLAYERS let alone black STARS in its ranks. Is it because there are no ice hockey rinks or

plush golf courses within the ghetto? Of course that played a major if not a totally dominanting role.

Hint: BOTH The Walker Cup and and The Campbell Cup sponsors came from two of the biggest Eugenics supporting families

in the history of the world! In the history of the World as Muhammed Ali would have said! One had some Olympics ties

as well I think, and the other family had some Nazi financial ties from The Men Who Financed Hitler, I think it was and Walker's

grandson later headed up the entire CIA after being made Ambassador to the United Nations as a warm-up role.

This 2nd guy had some major roles in either the pre-Assassination planning or in the post-Assassination cover-ups, too.

And Character Assassination was their specialty, but only second to their Physical Assassination expertise which is used

as a last resort. I still think that sooner or later most American sports venues will resemble the fortress style of Soccer

Stadiums in Europe and South America. With see-through plexi-glass barriers, barbed wire and bullet proof glass to

protect the super-stars from the encroachment of their fans onto the playing fields. Sort of like they did in ancient Rome

with the Gladiators and the Christians and the Lions, you know. That is how the Roman Empire ended and that is our fate,

as well, sad to say.

Free order of Taco Bell to go for the winner...

Edited by John Bevilaqua
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