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Biography: Jeanie Dean

Jeanie Dean

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I'm Jeanie Dean and glad to join this discussion. I'm a poet, researcher, educator, collage artist, and former computer analyst with an M.A. in English. My research topics include, Irish history, Modernism, Metaphysics, Indian Mounds, Archeo-astronomy, Cognitive Science, World Religions, the JFK Assassination, Shakespeare, and Poetry, with an eclectic and holistic approach. In 1963 after reading every inch of newsprint available on the assassiNation and watching all the TV coverage, I surmised then at the tender age of eight years old, that the assassiNation of John Kennedy and murder of Lee Oswald was a scripted plot.

During the 1970s, I started writing a poetry book on the assassination of JFK titled One Silver Dollar. The first poem was "Abortion of the Great American Dream". For two decades in November I hosted a memorial poetry reading for JFK. I teach college English and in the fall, my students do a research project on the assassination. Many students, to their credit, have found their way to the Spartacus website. I continually study the assassinations along with other subjects and sometimes write new poems on my research. Presently I'm interested in photographic studies and the photo/film archives by Robert Groden, Richard James and others. I am grateful to the many generous researchers who have posted assassination information on the internet including this forum.

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