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Biography: Jerry Dunford

Jerry Dunford

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On the fateful Friday afternoon that JFK was assassinated, I was working on a roof of a building as a 17 year old

who had no future plans.

From that day I began a long series of study, and wanted to know what really happened, as the possible inplications

were and are so serious, was it our own government, did our government collaborate with the mafia, was it a rogue

FBI hit, was it a misguided disadent, was is LBJ for his own political gain and dislike of the Kennedy brothers, and more.

So I had to learn, I read books on various angles, biographies on possible guilty men, such as John Edgar Hoover,

LBJ past Texas corruptive life, what did Earl Warren, Arlen Spector, Gerald Ford and many others on the Warren commission

know but did not share with the American Public.

So, my curiosity and need to know has been on my mind these past 46 years, and today, I can honestly say based on the totality of all the books, movies, documentaries, and I cannot list all of these, but, I am not sure whre the truth lies.

* Did the photos of the autopsy get altered/manipulated to alter the wounds and affect the explanations for the direction of the incoming bullets.??

* Did the Presidents Limo actually have a bullet hole entry from the front of windshield. ?

* Was Oswald a double, was his pictures with him holding the newspaper with rifle, fakes.

* Was their fingerprints of Malcomb Wallace found in the shooter nest at the Texas School Book depository on the

day of the assination, or was 90% of Nigel Turners documentary untrue.

* Why have Judth V. Baker work in a lab in New Orleans, making a cancer virus, to use tio kill Castro, when their were

dozens of poisons that would do the trick, and why in New Orleans in an apartment with David Ferrie.???

* What was Lee Harvey Oswalds goal and why.

I am sorry, I have just gotten carried away, I am a retired engineer, and am just returning my focus back on this complex case, so that is about it, I look forward to joing the forum at some point if I am allowed.

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