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The Puzzle Of Fascism: Could Fascism Arise in America

Terry Mauro

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I was watching The History Detectives when an interesting fact was voiced by one of the investigators regarding a dagger which was supposedly to have belonged to Mussolini. During the research being carried out, it was brought to light that the symbol of the eagle incorporated into the design of the dagger, was noted to have been an acknowledged historical symbol of "fascism" as it has been passed down through the ages. Which, of course, brought to mind the symbol of the Great Seal Of The United States, and the use of the eagle in all things "military" and "gov." associated with the U.S.

In pursuing the matter further, I came across many links until this one caught my eye, which I believe delves into the matter concisely and appropriately.


The Puzzle of Fascism: Could Fascism Arise in America Or Could It Already Be A Fascist State...

by Eric D. Williams - 2006 - Political Science - 416 pages

Among many conspiracy theorists, the eagle was adopted as the symbol of the US as a Masonic symbol. Nine of the fifty five men who signed the Declaration of ...

books.google.com/books?isbn=1419632558... -

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Several years ago I became intrigued about the plot that had taken place in America during the first term of Franklin Roosevelt, involving the setting up of a well-loved and outspoken military leader, General Smedley D. Butler, to be a "straw man" who would answer to players behind the scenes who desired to replace FDR with a fascist government. Who were these men, and why has so little been researched about them, I wondered.

The result was an article I wrote for a website that is no longer active. In order to revive the work I did for that website, I recently began republishing my articles online at a website I have created for that purpose: www.MinorMusings.com.

I used this blurb to introduce the article, which I entitled "The Existing Order":

You hear a lot about a New World Order, but what about the "old order," which already exists? In 1937 a writer named Quincy Howe, writing in a book published shortly before America joined the Allies in fighting against Germany, stated provocatively: "That an Anglo-American alliance is well calcuated to support the existing order throughout the world, even at the expense of democracy against Fascism, should...give pause to anyone who calculates that Montagu Norman plus J.P. Morgan equal democracy."

Montagu Norman was in charge of the Bank of England, which had been in alliance with America's primary international bank at that time, embodied by John Pierpont Morgan, in maintaining orderly business relationships among the two countries. That established order is brought into focus in this article first published by the author in 2009, based on research into the actors involved in a plot to use Gen. Smedley D. Butler as a military straw man to win support of World War I veterans in fighting another war in Europe. Fearing President Franklin Roosevelt's sympathy with the "little man," however, those in charge of the manipulation of Gen. Butler were much more enamored of the Fascists in Italy than they were of FDR"s New Deal.

The article is now available for the first time, never having appeared at the Sanders Research website when first written. The reason it did not appear when written was because of an editorial disagreement over whether I should emphasize the fact that William J. Donovan would later head the OSS, which became the CIA. I wanted instead to focus on the bankers and corporations behind the scene of the plot--the failed coup d'etat in fact--who, in my opinion, are the real employers of today's CIA. That is the ultimate definition of fascism itself--when the owners of wealth and industry control the government anonymously behind the scenes.

I think it's important to name the bankers and, above all, the clients of those bankers. That's what I try to do in the work I have done. Let me know what you think.

"The Existing Order" should appear at www.minormusings.com/Page/publ_Articles.html. Let me know if you can't find it, as I'm quite new at website publishing. :)

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