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Vince Palamara's Latest Conversion

Duke Lane

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Pulitzer Prize, anyone? :)

There's an old saying: never say never. Well, this has been a strange and heady couple years with regard to literature in the JFK assassination case. After being a fervent believer in a conspiracy in President John F. Kennedy's death (from about the age of 12 to 41!), the Spring of 2007 yielded the Oswald-did-it-alone masterpiece "Reclaiming History" by the highly respected author and former prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi that, quite literally, made my world upside down and had me reassess everything I knew (or thought I knew) about JFK's murder. Result? While I still believed there mere multiple conspiracies (plural) to kill Kennedy, and that (speaking as the leading civilian Secret Service authority) the Secret Service was grossly negligent on 11/22/63 in Dallas, at the end of the day, Oswald beat everyone to the punch, so to speak; for all intents and purposes, that solved it for me, albeit with a great deal of discomfort.

Then came ANOTHER masterpiece of even greater length (spread over 5 volumes) that, once again, turned my world upside down (some would say, right side up)!


I recently admonished people in the research community (of which I am one) to, quote, "get a life" (shades of William Shatner, huh?). Well, disregard that bit of advice: instead, GET DOUGLAS P. HORNE'S BOOKS...NOW! 5 PLUS STARS; THE HIGHEST RATING HUMANLY POSSIBLE.

Vince Palamara

5 star Amazon.Com reviews (should be posted there soon) In the meantime, see my two Listmanias:



This would help to get avoid of a suspicious way of thinking that he appeared just because for a self promotion tour. Like this out of breath announcement ....

Like Martin, I've come to the conclusion that Vince is nothing more or less than a shameless self-promoter, ready to ride whatever bandwagon comes along as long as his name and endorsement attaches to it. Has anyone ever read any of his "5-star Amazon.com reviews?" I can't recall anything that he hasn't heaped lavish praise upon, capped by his sterling credentials as the self-proclaimed

"world's leading civilian authority on the Secret Service."

The singular significant exclusion is Posner's Case Closed, which he belatedly reviewed in 2005 while promoting another book du jour (from Vince's broad point of view), intoning "ZERO stars: get ULTIMATE SACRIFICE instead!" (which latter half attaches to quite a few reviews he wrote during the period of Ultimate Sacrifice's immediate post-release, including those he gave what he calls "THE HIGHEST RATING HUMANLY POSSIBLE!" (just not quite as good as Ultimate Sacrifice, y'see).).

In fact, you'll find 20 pages filled with 358 (as of Dec 22, '09) reviews, the vast majority of which he graces with five stars. There are more writers out there destined to be "classics" than we'd have imagined!

For good or ill, blurbs do help sell books, and for that I hope Vince has enough good sense to be cashing in on his high praise. It's all well and good to try to sway the great unwashed and uninitiated masses, but it's fully another to try to foist off his goggle-eyed and pendular pseudo-conversions to diametrically-opposed points of view on those who at least claim to be critical thinkers in the JFK case, who should expect if not suspect that Vince has that good sense.

... Unless, of course, his intent is to show the "critics" to be non-critical, in which case he's generally succeeded as each of his revelations first brought derision of his treachery, and then relief at his "coming to his senses." What's most amazing is his posting of a new personal conversion and then dropping off the face of the forum(s) while people carry on the conversation without him.

Meanwhile, I'm gonna go drop that $125 ($81.25 at discount rates) just cuz Vince said to. After all, his opinion counts, whatever it really is, doesn't it?!

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In fact, you'll find 20 pages filled with 358 (as of Dec 22, '09) reviews, the vast majority of which he graces with five stars. There are more writers out there destined to be "classics" than we'd have imagined!

So Vince encourages the great unwashed to read books about the JFK assassination controversy. Tut Tut!

For good or ill, blurbs do help sell books, and for that I hope Vince has enough good sense to be cashing in on his high praise.

BUT HE HIMSELF has Never made a dime out of this case. His book on the Secret Service is available FREE online.

Meanwhile, I'm gonna go drop that $125 ($81.25 at discount rates) just cuz Vince said to. After all, his opinion counts, whatever it really is, doesn't it?!

Hey Duke, is this just another anti-Palamara ad hominem, or did you start this thread to tell us NOT TO BUY Doug Horne's book?

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I was quite surprised that you decided that the post you made on the other Palamara thread was just so profound that you needed to give it its own special thread.

Palamara's Secret Service work was before both his comments on Bugliosi and Horne .

With respect to his 5 stars Amazon ratings to books--hey, who cares?? Maybe those books to him are incredibly fantastic--I mean, is he supposed to a more conservative rater because he is a researcher? Out of the last 10 books I've read, at least 1/2 of them are 5 star worthy. And one cannot know how many he has perused that he may not comment on at all. (Currently, I am reading Eddie Barker's Notebook ,which is about the best book I ever read-- until next week :) --to me it's the same thing that he does) I don't understand why it is so important that his Amazon ratings be showcased, or that his return to the group is so newsworthy. The only thing I can come up with is that it is really fun to talk about other people--it makes us feel better about ourselves, I guess.

As for self promotion tour, I fail to see it. I think it takes a helluva lot of guts to admit that you have changed your mind, especially knowing what kind of response you're going to get. There are certainly others here, who, if shown that they were mistaken, would not declare that they had changed their mind, because to do so would mean that they would lose face with some of people here, and subject them to the same kind of thing he is going through.


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It would seem that it's differences of opinion and differences of knowledge among its members that give traction to the Education Forum.

Virtually no one would dispute that Vince Palamara has spent many hours researching the Secret Service and that he deserves credit for

what he has achieved in that regard.

However, starting multiple topics here about conspiracy makes him fair game for comments, praise and criticism for what he writes. It would

be no different for any other researcher or member that chose to give strong opinions about the bigger picture of President Kennedy's murder,

always couched in the first person.

A careful reading of Palamara's reviews of Inside the ARRB, Reclaiming History, and Ultimate Sacrifice gives one

absolutely no evidence that would indicate that he even read the books.

In fact, the same could be said about almost all of his reviews of JFK books on Amazon. Anyone can have an opinion,

Palamara is entitled to his. That's the democracy of Amazon reviews as well as the democracy of this Forum.

I haven't heard anyone refer to Vince Palamara as a great researcher without using the words Secret Service.

When I read his reviews and opinions about the JFK assassination I know why.

Doug Horne wrote that it was love of country that compelled him to write Inside the ARRB. I believe him. He was also motivated by

the innumerable mysteries and contradictions that confront anyone that carefully studies the available evidence in this case and wants very much

to know the truth, to the extent it can be known.

It goes without saying that there are many things that motivate researchers and students of the Kennedy assassination; their ego, the desire

to be recognised, the desire to be right, curiosity, the desire for profit, the desire to prove someone else wrong or to vindicate someone else,

and many other notions. Perhaps the most noble motivation of all is the quest for truth.

Vince Palamara has made it clear that he chose to specialize in his research and his motivations included an inclination to excel in one particular area.

If he were a serious student of the JFK assassination, he would have known that Ultimate Sacrifice was not the ultimate book on the assassination.

He would have known that Bugliosi's LN ideas collapsed under their own weight. He would have known that McKnight's Breach of Trust was

worth more than three stars.

Palamara would have known the bulk of Doug Horne's proofs of conspiracy did not come in December, 2009. Horne has written about them and

demonstrated them more than a decade ago. And even then, as Horne freely admits, he stood on the shoulders of others before him. By no means

am I discounting the newer evidence provided in Horne's books.

Perhaps Palamara decided to use Horne's book as a catalyst to announce his change of mind. Perhaps he had grown weary of all the criticism

he had to endure by embracing Bugliosi's book. It really doen't matter. Or as another member put it, "who cares?"

Palamara's writings make one thing clear; he knows a lot more about the Pittsburgh Steelers than he does about what forces were behind

President Kennedy's murder and whether or not there was a conspiracy.

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Doug Horne wrote that it was love of country that compelled him to write Inside the ARRB. I believe him.

That's funny, because Vincent Palamara has said it was love of country that inspired him to investigate the Secret Service and why they failed to protect the President.

Palamara's writings make one thing clear; he knows a lot more about the Pittsburgh Steelers than he does about what forces were behind

President Kennedy's murder

Vince Palamara has contributed more to the inquiry into JFK's assassination than all his carping critics put together.

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Vince Palamara's latest "conversion" only proves that Mr. Palamara is convertible.

Wonder if he also has a bubble top to leave behind?

Edited by Mark Knight
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Hey, Vince Palamara and all the others were "wedged" when they first proposed the concept that the Secret Service could have done "anything" differently which would have prevented JFK from being murdered. Slowed down, sped up, zigged when they should have zagged.... nothing would have helped. Nothing. Only putting up a "Popemobile" bubble would have helped or canceling the entire motorcade. Other than that.... nothing. Stop looking for U.S. Gov. conspiracy everywhere you look. Why not examine the "new evidence" which involves the orbit of characters surrounding Senator James O. Eastland and Robert Morris from SISS, The Mississippi Sovereignty Commission, including their lead investigator, Guy Banister, Leander Perez, Sam Crutchfield, Jesse Helms, James O. Eastland and Wickliffe Draper from the Pioneer Fund, too and The Draper Genetics Committee also financed by Wickliffe Draper and run by Senator James O. Eastland. You will quickly find out that it was this combination of Oswald "framers and fabricators" consisting of Guy Banister with the Oswald leafleting campaigns from 544 Camp Street, Senator James O. Eastland with the Klein's Sporting Goods mail-order rifle purchase and the Clinton, LA voter registration drive plus Robert Morris, Gerald LK Smith, and Dr. Revilo P. Oliver with their post-assassination attempts to frame Oswald as a Communist and an assassin on the CIA payroll, who did the WHOLE ENCHILADA from top to bottom. THE WHOLE THING DUDES. Wool over your eyes to boot. And these same guys pulled off Operation Red Cross which was supposed to frame JFK and perform a Character Assassination on him which would cause him to be impeached forthwith or to lose the next election to Goldwater at whose Arizona Ranch this Press Conference showing off the Russian Missile Officers was going to be held. Straight from Weyl's mouth, too. While sober, and in full capacity of his senses, he was. And now it seems the concept of Jim Garrison as a White Knight in search of the truth has been thrown into a "cocked hat", too. Garrison was completely in the back pocket of Leander Perez, the political boss of Plaquemines Parish, who actually organized and presided over the infamous Jung Hotel Meeting where Dallas Bircher Edwin A. Walker was a featured speaker, the week before the JFK hit as described by Dr. Jerry Rose. Is there anyone still left who thinks that either David Ferrie or Clay Shaw wearing Mardi Gras makeup, Queen of the Ball costumes and dressed in drag would EVER have been allowed into the CIA? I think not! And Banister in the CIA? I doubt it. He was just a stupid beat cop from Chicago.

Time to reconsider EVERYTHING dudes! Starting NOW! The solution stretches from the Operation Red Cross crowd right through those operating under the auspices of The Red Cross of the Sovereign Military and Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem, organized by Senator Jesse Helms, the Hunt family from Dallas and Lord Malcolm Douglas-Hamilton who joined up with Willoughby at the Shickshinny Knights of Malta and Draper's General Pedro A. del Valle and also with Draper at the British Eugenics Society and with Hitler when he and his brother hosted Rudolph Hess during his midnight drop into England to visit with The Cliveden Set who wanted to appease Hitler. And this solution only needed a handful of little elves from the CIA, and most of them were doing it as Birchers or as Nazis or as Eugenicists, not as card-carrying CIA agents either. Merry Christmas. Follow that little Red Star over Bethlehem as it passes through Jerusalem and right into the OSJ and the OSJL crowds involved with Eugenic solutions to everything. And when you hear the Sisssssss... coming from those snakes at SISS like Eastland, McCarthy, Robert Morris and their investigators like J.B. Mathews, and several others then you know they are about to strike. And strike hard. Trace the 3 roles of SISS with setting up Oswald and you will begin to know what I mean. SISS did all of the Oswald scapegoating (pre and post assassination) when you count the role of Banister with Oswald at 544 Camp Street and the leafleting campaign.

SISS was omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient and omnipowerful sort of like a God. SISS it was, SISS it is and SISS it will always be.

Game, Set, Match.

Edited by John Bevilaqua
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Apparently, Vince is moved by rhetoric, not substance.

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Mr. Bevilaqua:

Interesting your mention of the Red Cross in the JFK assassination conspiracy tapestry. Seems that a few months back, Mr. William Kelley and I, while trying to discover the identity of the Dr. George Bakeman who was on the Seibert and O'Neill "census" of observers at the JFK autopsy, found that Dr. Bakeman was intertwined with the Red Cross beginning with the days of the Russian Revolution, and continuing through the post-WWII years. Also interesting that Dr. Bakeman just "happened" to be vacationing across Europe about the time of the little dust-up in Hungary in '56 as well.

I know Dr. Bakeman was a dean at the Medical College of Virginia, which was a long stone's throw from Bethesda Naval Hospital in '63...but I still haven't connected the dots enough to understand how he was able to gain clearance to observe the JFK autopsy.

Since you believe that there's a Red Cross connection, and since we know that Dr. Bakeman was deeply involved with the Red Cross, would you be able to help us bridge that gap in our collective knowledge? You seem to have all of it figured out, according to what you post here. Perhaps you could enlighten the unwashed, un-Harvard degreed heathen among us, myself included. [i say that in a feeble attempt at humor, and not in any way am I meaning to demean your education or degrees.]

I get the feeling that you and Tom Purvis are singing out of the same Mississippi Soveregnity Commission songbook, but from entirely different pages...or am I just not sharp enough to catch on yet? And some of us, myself included, need to get better at walking [or walking and chewing gum simultaneously] before we attempt to run.

Thanks for any enlightenment you can offer. And so as to not further disrupt this thread, perhaps you can start a new thread and begin us anew on the path to enlightenment.

Edited by Mark Knight
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