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Melvin Belli and Jack Ruby

Martha Moyer

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None of the characters involved in getting Melvin Belli (Mike Shore (PR for Sinatra's Reprise Records), Billy Woodfield, photographer/writer (a close associate of Lawrence Schiller), or Melvin himself, on board told the same story - including Earl Ruby. (Citations for all statements and testimonies) An interesting little bit of minutia - when DPD Patrick Dean was having his run-in with WC counsel Burt Griffin - he declared that he would call in his attorney "Melvin Belli". Another association - mobster Mickey Cohen was "engaged" to famous stripper "Candy Barr" when she was taken down in Dallas on a (according to Mary Ferrell) trumped up drug charge. Cohen, a personal friend of Belli's, asked Melvin to work on appeals to have the case thrown out. (didn't work) . also represented Candy. It was common knowledge that Jack was friends with Barr. Jack's phone records indicated calls to the now paroled Candy prior to November 22nd. So Belli and associates were at least on nodding terms with Ruby. However, reading testimony, one would believe that Belli was an unknown until he came into the case.

Look at other connections with the mob: Cabana was owned on paper by Doris Day and her husband Marty Melcher. But it was Jay Sarno, backed by Teamster Union Jimmy Hoffa and Dorfman
who footed the costs for the Hotel. No wonder the likes of Jim Braden, Jack Ruby, among others, partook of the delights of the, then, very fancy hotel in Dallas.

Joe Campisi, known lieutenant of Carlos Marcello, was Ruby's first visitor following the slaying of Oswald.

Lewis McWillie who, according to Jack, was a very close friend - was a lieutenant of Trafficante. Worked as a pit boss in Havana and later in the same capacity at Lake Tahoe holdings of Frank Sinatra - Cal-Neva Lodge.

So-called telephone unidentified caller from "Desert Inn" (owned by Mo Dalitz and associate, Meyer Lansky)
to a Belli associate in San Francisco following the shooting of Oswald: The caller, when informed that Belli was in southern California defending a murder case, told the associate a $25,000 retainer fee was being sent and that Belli was to get the Ruby case. One source - Bill Turner; second source is a personal friend who was then a young lawyer at Belli's SF office. Background search revealed Dalitz bought Desert Inn with Teamster funds courtesy of Hoffa and associates.

And on and on and on -

IMO - the barn door had been left open far too long when Blakey and crew with HSCA came along.

Mob tracks all over the place in '63.

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IMO - the barn door had been left open far too long when Blakey and crew with HSCA came along.

Hi Martha and welcome to the forum. A number of us here are longtime fans of your research abilities.

I seldom sing the praises of Blakey & Co., because they mostly tried to shore up the Warren Commission's claims. But one area where they rejected the Commission's findings was on Ruby's entrance to the basement. THe HSCA report concluded that Ruby probably had help from within the police department, and while they ran out of time and money to probe the matter further, they recommended further investigation by the Justice department.

As far as I know, the Justice Department simply ignored this request, but I wonder if you have looked into this and have any thoughts to share?

If you have discussed this elsewhere, perhaps you could point us to a link.

Happy Holidays!

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Thanks to Martha Moyer for this PM:

Hi Ray

Forgive me for not responding sooner. This has been a hectic holiday season and after everything was over I was too pooped to even get on the PC.

I have checked many sources to see if there was ever a follow-up by the Justice Department - and came up empty. My thinking is that the deparment did not consider it worthwhile. IMO, it probably was not.

What are we talking here: I would bet that Ruby got into the basement via the back door in the alley. Jack knew his way around that building and backdoor was closer than ramp entrance. Nobody paid any attention to Jack i.e. look how he prowled the halls over the week-end. Jack was a known fixture to many of the DPD - nobody would have given him a second thought. Since Dean was in charge - he would have had to shoulder the blame and then kissed his pension good-bye.

Several years ago I spent some time with a retired DPD officer. He told me mistakes were made (which would have been normal considering the chaotic circumstances) and EVERYBODY was afraid of being fired and losing their pensions. For example - only a very few claimed knowing Ruby which we know is definitely not the truth. Even on Friday night Jack was busy ordering sandwiches to take over to his pals at the Station. (25 H 146)

Ray - I believe Ruby HAD to kill Oswald - and all week-end he was hoping some nut would do the job and relieve him of his awesome responsibility. Sunday morning was a quirk - Jack had to make a decision and do it quickly. Nobody else had stepped up.

Some of the people on this site have mentioned Jack carrying his gun - as if he had it on him at all times. Jack, himself, said he had it Friday night - then retracted the statement. (I think he was worried about pre-meditation) I believe he had it and for a purpose - to kill Oswald.

Andrew Armstrong and Ralph Paul, two close associates of Jack, testifed that Jack did not carry his gun on his person - instead placed it in the Caroursel receipt bag in the trunk of his car. When he came to the Club he would bring the bag and gun in - when he left at closing he would put the receipt bag w/gun inside back into the trunk of his car. (Jack had previous arrests in he 50's for carrying a concealed weapon) If we are to believe this two men - then we know Jack was stalking Oswald!! He would have had to remove the gun from his trunk for a purpose and take his chances.

By the way - George Senator told the WC that on Sunday morning - Ruby muttered he was going to kill Oswald. (14 H 532)

Sorry I have not really answered your question with proof - just supposition.

I will be happy to share what I have with you any time.


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