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Monopoly on Wisdom

Barry Keane

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I have not posted anything on this forum for a very long time (or any other forum) for two reasons. Firstly , because I felt I have had little to contribute and secondly I am dismayed at the pointless arguments that seem to permeate. I am a firm believer that no-one has the monoply on wisdom in the case of the death of JFK, and I mean no-one! Although this forum, thanks to John Simkin gives people the chance to espouse their opinions, often that is all they are. The illusory truth in the death of JFK is what we are all striving for, but cannot find because 1984 came 21 years early. Having said that, we must not give up, but at least we should recognise that there is only one truth, historical truth. This goal must be our yardstick.


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