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History Today: January 2010

John Simkin

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Drink: the British Disease?

James Nicholls looks back over five centuries to examine the many, often unsuccessful, attempts to reform the nation’s drinking habits.

Murder on the Métro

A Finley-Croswhite & G K Brunelle tell the story of Laetitia Toureaux, a young woman swept up in the passions of 1930s Paris.

Gun, Gales and God

Ian Friel argues that popular ideas of the nature of Elizabethan seapower are distorted by concentration on big names and major events.

Aids to Independence

Kenneth Baker, explores the American War of Independence through caricature and print.

New World Overtures

How did opera, an art form of the British elite, become so successful in the USA? Daniel Snowman explains.

Herodotus: Father of History

Herodotus's story is part tragic drama, part folk-tale and part travel-book, but is informed throughout by the desire to verify and by rational curiosity, by Russell Meiggs

Lost Pioneers of Science

Medieval scholars were the first to make the connection between maths and science.So why have they been forgotten, asks James Hannam.

No Offence, Your Majesty

Sedition could cost you your life in Tudor England, but by the 18th century the monarch was fair game, writes David Cressy.

A World Without End

Jonathan Clark considers what effect the intellectual currents of our own time have had on the way historians write.



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