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The Bunker

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Interesting ( re-read)

" As one reconstructs this last appearance of Albert Speer in the Fuehrerbunker, one continually notes a distinct change in the atmosphere on this day. The lower bunker was no longer crowded; there was much less hustle and bustle. The corridor lounge, where Speer met Bormann and Ribbentrop, was empty.

Just a few days before, it had been crowded. This is explained by the departure, the day before, of most of the high military, which radically changed Hitler's daily routine. "

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In his Autobiography, Speer states that he visited the Bunker shortly before Hitler's suicide and

told him that the war was lost and expressed his opposition to Führer's scorched earth order, which

is said to have brought Hitler to tears. It was this particular conversation that caused Speer to be

excluded from the new cabinet that was outlined in Hitler's final political testament, which stated that

Albert Speer was to be succeeded by Karl-Otto Saur.

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