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Alterationists: Thoughts from Gary Mack.

Guest Duncan MacRae

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I'll be studying it after you're gone Healy.

9 out of 10 of your contributions on this forum are pathetic and pitiful. I can only assume your obsession with trolls is because you perhaps look like one? Do me a favour? Change your picture. It does nothing for what little credibility you have left as a photography "expert" and it makes me feel sick.

And the day I ever do as you tell me to do is the day I'll go and ask for professional mental health treatment.

Don't ever try to tell me what to do again. Okay?

This is BS, this guy should be banned

Dont ever talk to Mr Healy like that

Your a nobody

You know nothing

Living up to your own high expectations again.

Thats right

The real reason you are here is coming out now, at first your stupid sideways comments about alteration almost let you slide in under the door

But your real reason is to attack Jack and others who believe in alteration

Your not a researcher, your not a student of the assassination, you dont care about JFK or the crime at all

Your last 5 posts have made that perfectly clear

That's called fighting back. Like you're doing now. Nothing like hypocrisy in living color.

So you think its ok to talk to David like that?

Its not ok

I was all for answering your questions and helping you with any research you might be doing up until you decided to insult David

And David can defend himself, but im letting you know that I think its BS, and the only people on this forum that you target are alteratonits

The fact that you attcked him like that shows me that you are here for one reason, to cause problems

Edited by Dean Hagerman
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In response to your post above I over-reacted. I apologize. Was at the end of my tether with insinuations and snapped. I feel your post could have been worded better and less patronizing but I went OTT.


Thanks, Lee. I thought we were gonna lose you there for a second. I agree with Jack for a change in that sometimes things get heated and we all need to take a deep breath. The alterationists totally believe they have proved their case, and are deeply suspicious of anyone as yet not convinced, and arguing against them. Healy, in particular, enjoys taking the P out of those arguing against alteration, even though he himself is not entirely convinced by many of the arguments.

In a better world, we'd all be more civil, but this isn't that world.

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Duncan asked permission from Gary to post this--Gary did not ask him to.

Many people post what others say. Can we look at content instead of folks involved?

Since this is an important subject, we need all of the information we can get.

Thanks, Duncan!!


So Duncan has an association with Gary Mack. How would he have found out what Von Pein said unless Gary Mack told him? So Gary Mack gets to post things on the sly. When was the last time he posted something himself -- about anything?

Kathy C (The Gary Macker) :huh:

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Information received from David Von Pein. Permission granted to me by Gary Mack to post on the Education Forum.


I am continually astonished at how little the alterationists know

about the Zapruder film and its history. Now, led by Doug Horne and

others, they are whining about needing a test film from the Zapruder

camera to see if its images have the same camera artifacts as the

assassination film. Their "thinking" is that the test film won't

match and that will prove the original film is a fake. But many such

original reels exist and most, if not all, have been available at the

National Archives for decades!

The alterationists didn't know, until I told Duncan MacRae, that the

Zapruder camera was used by the FBI for re-creations in Dealey Plaza

on May 23-24, 1964, and that the resulting film reels are at NARA II

in College Park, MD. The films presumably contain similar

intersprocket images and artifacts as those in the assassination

film. (The extremely poor quality You Tube version of one of the

reels is not an accurate representation of its image quality.)

How could the alterationists not know that? The man the FBI assigned

to investigate and analyze the assassination films, Lyndal Shaneyfelt,

testified that he used the original Zapruder, Orville Nix and Marie

Muchmore cameras. There are news films and photographs showing those

cameras sitting atop the Zapruder pedestal the day of the test!

Nor, apparently, do the alterationists know about other test reels

shot with the Zapruder camera within days and years of the

assassination. As noted in The Sixth Floor Museum's Zapruder

chronology [linked below:]

Zapruder Film Chronology

the FBI first borrowed Zapruder's camera on December 4, 1963, for

testing. "On December 20, the bureau concluded, 'This camera when

operated at normal 'run' speed operates at 18.3 frames per second.'

This 'clock' was later used to determine the timing of specific events

as seen in the film."

The timing test, which was duplicated by Bell & Howell in December

1966, involved loading the camera and filming a clock with an accurate

second hand, then counting the number of frames that were exposed over

specific times. Barring any peculiarity with the lighting on the

clocks, all such test reels will certainly reveal the same

intersprocket images and artifacts as Mr. Zapruder's famous film.

What all this means is that when Zapruder's camera was still in the

same condition as the day of the assassination, and when Kodachrome II

film and processing were easily available, government and private

company investigations of the operating characteristics yielded

multiple test reels that can be studied and measured.

There was no need in 1996 for the ARRB to borrow Zapruder's camera for

use in Dallas, nor was there a need in 2000 for Rollie Zavada to use

it for his follow-up study of the original film. There was no need

because test films already existed and they are available for

examination in one form or another.

And yet, the alterationists remain completely ignorant of their

existence. Amazing!

Gary Mack

It isn't amazing that there exists at least two films made from Zapruder's camera in the NARA that can be forensically compared to the extant original Z-film, and "alterantionists" appear ignorant of that fact, what's amazing is the HSCA, the ARRB, Zavada and everyone else who thinks this important, including the Sixth Floor Museum, have not had these films forensically compared to the original Z-film at the NARA.

It's not the responsiblity of the "alterationists" to do this, but it was the responsiblity of the HSCA, the ARRB and those who maintain the uncontested chain of custody of this film to do it.

And apparently it has yet to be done.

Bill Kelly

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