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Doug Weldon's presentation on YouTube...

Jack White

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Yet another great addition from Rich to his Youtube page

I as well viewed all of Dougs presentation and was super impressed

Good job and great research Doug

If any member has not went to Richs Youtube page and viewed all of the videos he has posted you should do so right away


Dean...please make some comments about important things you learned

by watching Doug's presentation. I want to keep bumping it to page one

until I can get Bernice or someone to post some images for me. Others

should watch also, and comment...especially Pamela, who is very critical

of Doug.


No problem Jack

Most of Dougs presentation matched his chapter in MIDP, however I did gather more insight on Vaughn Ferguson and his strange actions, I consider ferguson to be a part of the conspiracy for sure

Dougs presentation nailed that home, the conflicting dates on the re-upolstry and cleaning, the in and out logs, and on and on

One thing that is very clear to me about the reason that Pamela is critical of Doug is that Doug is a threat to her self proclaimed title of "Limo Expert"

In my mind the "Limo Expert" is Doug Weldon, I think that Pamela much like Vince Palamaras self proclaimed title of "Sercret Service Expert" would be crushed if her title was ever taken from her by another researcher


Perhaps you missed my latest post on this subject. I consider Doug and me to be on the same team, moving in the same direction. At least both of us realize the significance of the PH and WHG witnesses who believed they saw a t&t hole in the windshield. I don't think we have all the answsers; Doug may think he does. That's ok with me. My issue is with those who are trying to shut down research on these witnesses and dismiss what they have to say.


I sincerely appreciate your posting. I don't have all the answers nor am I certain that all of them will ever be found. I simply hope, as I did with the vase example on this forum, to be able to put enough pieces together to get a picture of whatreally happened. These witnesses were good, decent people. Thank you.

My best,

Doug Weldon

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