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Well, here's something to chew on.

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Jack, (pedantically it's 256 shades from 0 to 255) The eye perception varies, but basically the black end and the white end are grouped into near (and for most, totally) indistinguishable steps with ''black'' containing more indistinguishable steps than white. As to the gray in between it's a matter of individuals. Some can distinguish more of the varations than others and one can also train the brain to distinguish more. Also in these discussions, if one is to rely solely on perception which is an organic function, calibrating ones monitor is worthwhile (as well as on occasion cleaning the screen). However there are ways to represent digrammatically, graphically, the gradations so it need not be a dispute over what this or that individuals retinal rods and cones send to the brain for processing.

EDIT ADD : eg here's a 3D representation of the scale you posted

Interesting. Thanks. I agree that scales start at 0. But as a matter of common understanding,

many do not consider 0 a number. If I say there are 256 shades, but black is number 255,

people will say "what is number 256?" ...so I say 1-256. You are also correct on perception.

It is much easier to discern differences on the light end of the scale than the dark end.


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