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New thread on Officer Chaney's ride forward

Jack White

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but why is it that anytime there is a photo or video that disputes something you believe or claim, your response is that its been altered or tampered with?

It's the same with Apollo....

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Gordon Arnold, shooting a movie from the knoll, presented a problem. Even

though his film was destroyed on 11-22, it is my belief that ARNOLD was captured on film by several, notably Betzner and Willis...and that these images

were obscured by painting over him with the Blackdogman. It would have been very inconvenient to have an unknown soldier shooting an unknown movie from the knoll.

You don't think it's more likely that Arnold wasn't even there? His final comment on TMWKK says it all - 'There's no doubt in my mind I was there.' The man is quite clearly retarded. Oh, and if there was a policy of obliterating evidence of people filming in DP, why did "they" leave in The Babushka Lady?

Yawn. I don't know why anyone even bothers replying to this drivel.


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