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John Kennedy gave voters a fair shake

Terry Mauro

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Never underestimate the average American's desire for personal contact with their President. Abraham Lincoln used to meet voters every week in the White House during a Civil War! This constitutional relationship between American citizens and their President is unparalleled in the world.

News Story: (UPI) October 23, 1960

Crestwood, Missouri: "Shake, or you'll lose my vote."

"read a homemade sign held aloft by Bill Kuerz as Sen. John Kennedy's motorcade moved through this St. Louis suburban community Saturday.

Kennedy's convertible stopped and the Democratic presidential candidate shook hands with voter Kuerz."

(Now compare that story to the elitest and narcisscist Barack Nero Bama, "Forget the truck; Any one can buy a truck". )

Further note: London banker disinformation agents in Great Britain circulated the rumor during the 1960 campaign that Kennedy would devalue the dollar. The following story appeared late October, 1960.

Kennedy denies He'd Devalue Dollar. (AP)

Sen. Kennedy's press secretary denied as "categorically untrue" London newspaper reports saying Kennedy had hinted privately that as President of the United States he might change the dollar/gold ratio.

"I believe that reasonable stability in the price level is a vital goal of economic policy. By pursuing this goal we keep faith with those who save; we must protect those who live on fixed income; and we must build world confidence in the soundness and integrity of the dollar."

"I do not minimize the importance of the outflow of gold especially in the short run, and I would never want us in a position of being forced to tinker with the dollar in order to maintain our competitive position in the world export market."

The British Empire finally managed to liquidate the Kennedy threat in 1963, and then manipulated Nixon in 1971 to end the post war Bretton Woods monetary system by delinking the dollar and gold, and setting up an international banking casino system from 1987 to 2008.

A Moment of Great Opportunity Has Arrived

January 21, 2010 (LPAC)— In his statement "Will Nero Now Murder Seneca?: The Charade is Ending", issued in the wake of the smashing defeat for Obama's Nazi health care atrocity in Massachusetts, Lyndon LaRouche locates that development as providing a moment of great opportunity, like to that which was wasted at the time of FDR's death. The health care bills are as good as dead—but the British enemy is still in charge of the White House, and our modern-day Nero is at large.

"Don't let our guard down," said LaRouche. "We must be absolutely ruthless. Obama is going to try to jam the healthcare bill through. He's simply acting as a poisonous snake would, trying to quiet down the opposition so he can catch them unawares."

In fact, there will be no true victory until we have succeeded in creating the conditions under which American patriots take back control of our government, and ram through the emergency measures which LaRouche has prescribed, from bankruptcy reorganization to joining into a Four Power alliance for world reconstruction.

Creating those conditions must be our all-consuming passion, while building for the January 30th webcast, and a break-out for the LaRouche Plan

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