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"Making the World Safe for Hypocrisy" - A Great Blog Site on Hidden World History

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It is not often that a single web site encapsulates most of the topics related to the hidden history of the United States.

But this one captures the essence of the deep and dark side of American History with a strong emphasis on what I would

call the unmentionable topics of Genocide, Racism, Eugenics, Apartheid, Anti-Semitism, Fascism, Involuntary Sterilization,

Racial Purity, Fascism, the Klan, Segregation etc.

This site would include all the topics that Paul Weyrich said should be included when all the History books in America covering the

20th Century are re-written to describe the various roles of Wickliffe Draper and The Pioneer Fund during that timeframe.


ALL OF the Topics at Making The Word Safe For Hypocrisy are listed here... The forces that eliminated JFK are all described herein.

And all of these groups existed long before your list of usual suspects in the murders of JFK, RFK and MLK.

* 1620: Lie Number One, The Pilgrims

* 1763-1783: Lie Number Two, The American Revolution

* 1783-1799: Lie Number Three, The Miracle of Democracy

* 1800-1849: Thirty Five Invasions And A Genocide

* 1850-1859: Invasions, Racism, Slavery and Ethnic Cleansing

* 1860-1864: The Civil War, But First, Let's Kill Some Indians And Get Rid of the Jews

* 1865-1869: The Final Solution To The Indian Problem And The Invasions Keep On Coming

* 1870-1884: More Invasions, More Racism, More Ethnic Cleansing. Happy 100th Birthday America.

* 1885-1894: The U.S. Steals Hawaii, Four Thousand Lynchings, Shooting Workers in the Streets and Planning For a Splendid Little War

* 1895-1899: The Spanish-American War, A Sordid Little War

* 1900-1904: The Philippines, A Full Dress Rehearsal For Iraq

* 1905-1909: Treacherous Muslims and Ze Quest For Ze Master Race

* 1910-1912: Invasions, Apartheid, Lynchings, Censorship And The Quest For The Master Race But No Conspiracies

* 1913-1914: Destroying Democracy in Mexico and the Federal Reserve Scam

* 1915-1916: Dangerous Singers, Lynching Jews and Niggers Speaking French!

* 1917-1918: Now The Great War's A Good Thing, Fascism In America, SettingThe Stage For Old Adolf Plus The Miracle Of Free Speech

* 1919-1920: A Summer Of Blood, Lynching Will Brown And J. Edna Hoover Takes The Stage

* 1921-1922: Setting Up The Hitler Project, Giving Away The Nation's Oil, Mass Murdering Black Americans And Poisoning All Americans

* 1923-1924: Destroying Rosewood, Racial Purity In Virginia And Prescott Bush And The Boys Get Old Adolf Started

* 1925-1926: Legislated Ignorance, Dupont's Supermen, Hoover In Drag And Murdering Nicaraguans

* 1927-1928: Sterilizing Americans, Slaughtering Miners, Making Your Boyfriend FBI Assistant Director, Invading China And Dive Bombing Nicaraguans

* 1929-1930: The Crash of '29--A Federal Reserve Production, Racist Pseudoscience, Murdering Workers (Again) And The Dulles Brothers Help Old Adolf

* 1931-1932: Admiring Mussolini, The Depression Ain't So Bad For Some, Murdering U.S. Veterans And Killing Puerto Ricans And Black People For Science

* 1933-1934: The Dust Bowl, Gangsters In Pinstripe Suits, Pimping For Hitler, The Merchants of Death And An All-American Coup

* 1935-1936: Arming The Nazis, Gangsters For Capitalism, Hanging Out With Hitler, Blackmailing Hoover And Truth, Justice Or The American Way

* 1937-1938: Lebensborn U.S.A., Murdering Workers (Again), Murdering Puerto Ricans (Again), Arming Adolf (Again) And Outlawing The Killer Weed

* 1939-1940: War's Just Good Business, Shortselling Czech Stock, Torturing Veterans' Kids, Crushing Dissent And The Hitler Project Boys Hedge Their Bets

* 1941-1942: Lobotomizing Rosemary, Shock And Awe, Playing Both Sides Of The War And Concentration Camps In The Land Of The Free

* 1943-1944: GM Builds Jet Engines For The Nazis, Apartheid In The Workplace, Beating Up Hispanics And The Hitler Project, Plan B

* 1945: Bullxxxx At Nuremberg, Kissinger Joins The Boys, Experiment In Hiroshima, Installing Fascists And It's Not A War Crime When We Do It

* 1946: Stealing A Hundred Billion Dollars, The Mafia Finances Tricky Dick, Rewarding War Criminals And It Ain't Over Yet For The Master Race

* 1947: Thought Crime In America, Nazi Immigration, Subverting Democracy, No Nigras On The Freedom Train And Mickey Mouse Is A Commie Rat

* 1948: Trying To Kill Robeson, Promoting Fascism, Mass Murdering Koreans, Lebensraum For Jews And Spying On Everyone

* 1949: Bombing China, Lying To The World, Destroying Democracy, Silencing Uppity Niggers And Forrestal Goes Flying

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