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"Attempt To Organize An All-White Basketball League...?"

Mike Regan

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Regarding Don Lewis's Efforts To Organize An All White Basketball League...?

Regarding my own thoughts about the rights versus the wrongs of having an "All White Basketball league" (Which I believe is fair), would just like to say that for close to five decades the blacks have pretty much been running the show… Sadly, they've never been content with our elected leadership and seem to thrive on "Black Supremacist" organizations like Lois Farrakhan "Nation Of Islam", "The Congressional Black Caucus", Jesse Jackson and his "Rainbow Coalition", Al Sharpton and his "Action Network", Aaron Michaels and his "New Black Panther Party (Who have been known to parade through our streets with fully automatic weapons) and various splinter groups motivated by the same "Hateful Agenda", to do their bullying for them. "Including" bullying their way into the Nation's Sports Arenas. And can someone tell me why we American tax payers have to pay for the existence of a "Congressional Black Caucus"…??? A caucus who even somehow, someway, installed one of their own, a "Gangster" out of Chicago named Barack Obama, into our Oval Office...

It's been suggested that the blacks are superior to whites when it comes to sports, but the truth is that white kids, who have honed their talents (Yes, very much including basketball) through Grammar School, High School and College, only to find themselves weeded out of the "System" in their Junior or Senior years of those Colleges. To satisfy the vicious underground "Black Agenda" that rules the show Bugs me because I enjoy it when the "Hoop It Up" tournaments come to town. The kids come from all over, and it's a pleasure to watch the "White" kids run absolute rings around the best that the "Blacks" have to offer. "White" kids who could put Michael Jordon to shame. So Please! Don't anyone give me that "Uppity Black Superior Crap"

Though I remain confused as to why so many blacks put up with these self-proclaimed black leaders, with their Rolex watches, Limos, hugh expense accounts that they've bilked from their own people and other millions they've bilked out of intimidated Corporations who would rather anti-up on huge settlements then drag their Companies through long, drawn our trials to answer to "Trumped Up Discrimination Charges" by the likes of Jesse Jackson and other "Black Leaders" For the life of me, I do not understand why this "Silent Majority" of the African American community does'nt stand up to these bullies. I've no doubt that if I were to drive over to Massachusetts, stand atop a soap box at "Boston Commons", and then rant and rave for an hour or two on whatever injustices befell the Irish during their history, I would last just that About two hours before I'd be tarred, feathered and run out of town on a rail. And those carrying that rail would bear such names as , O'Malley, McCourt, Plimpton and Reardon And I'm sure most, if not all, other ethic groups in this awesome US of A would act in similar fashion if one of their member's also took to a soap box

It's quite difficult to explain to some of you younger one's out there what it has has been like for those of us Americans who experienced our lives both during the wonderful & peaceful decades prior to the assassination of President Kennedy. When we actually celebrated the birthdays of two of our Nation's most beloved Presidents, George Washington & Abraham Lincoln. They've both been stripped of their much deserved "Honor" and "Federal Holidays" and been replaced by some "Nit-Wit" we know of as Marty King And then the turbulent, violent and despicable decades old behavior to follow. Behavior attributed, primarily, to blacks, beginning with their murder of JFK (Check Out Links At Bottom Of This Page Or Do an "MSN" or BING" Search With "James Jarman, Jr., Assassin" Being The Key Words), and for the 45 years to follow that malevolent and malicious act What was JFK's crime? He had the audacity of offering an olive branch to the blacks in the form of a Civil Rights Bill and was rewarded by having the back of his head blown out...

"In front of his wife"

It is equally difficult to explain the frustration, especially with regard to those of us who had relatives who served in the American Civil War, but also to many generations of American whites for the absolute, total and complete lack of appreciation extended to this fine Nation by the blacks for the sacrifices made to right a devious wrong Slavery A wrong perpetuated by the collaboration of both the "Tribal Leaders Of Africa" and "Unscrupulous Merchants" of an era beginning "Prior To The American Revolution"...

Allowing ourselves to give credit to a young and fledging Nation we now know of as the United States of America, and it's difficult years following the win over Britain, the fact that it took us only about a decade less than 100 years to gather (From scratch) the resources' to tackle this wrong is testament to an incredible Nation that, without any doubt, had it's wonderful heart in the right place

And the additional fact that, in the close to 15 decades (145 years) since the end of the American Civil War, not one single black (Including the Liberal's precious Barack Obama) has ever acknowledged, "Thanked" or even come close to showing any level of appreciation or respect toward the "359,528″ Union soldiers who died on so many battlefields to insure a better life for the black man Sacrifices which caused much suffering to family members of those incredible Union Soldiers Family members that, surely, must have amounted in the millions It's appropriate to add here that "275,175″ Union Soldiers were wounded Most severely.

It was a time in American History for the black man to embrace the love, the support and the "Blood, Sweat & Tears" provided to them by the awesome people of the United States. Not only to express it, but to pass that expression onto succeeding generations In this, their failure has been complete The only reward received by those Union soldiers, their families and this great Nation is "Contempt" by the black psyche that continues to ferment within their own family lives and, much to the woe of the predominantly European American populace here in the USA, propagate itself into the American mainstream

Sincerest regards,
Mike Regan


With regard to the JFK Assassination research, if you cannot access the links below,

go to either the "MSN" or "BING" search engine, type in the key words,

James Jarman, Jr., Assassin, and click on...

"About Three Web-Sites Down , "The John F", Is The Most Comprehensive"
Catch ya' later

"There is a time for all things, a time to preach and a time to pray, but those times have passed away. There is a time to fight, and that time has now come."
Peter Muhlenberg, Virginia, 1776

"Be Always Sure You Are Right... Then Go Ahead"

Davy Crockett

(Left Click On Any Or All Links Below)

(The 1st Link, "THE JOHN F", Is The Most Comprehensive)

The John F

Essay by Michael Regan

La solution James Jarman Jr. - Une solution étonnante

JamesJarmanJr., Assassin - The Education Forum


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