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A shot fired through the front of the windshield- To Barb and Jerry

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Hi Bill,

There is no damage to the windshield shown in the Altgens photo of the man in the doorway that was taken at Z255. The next Altgens photo, taken after the head shot as Clint Hill is climbing on the back of the limousine, for the first time shows damage to the windshield at the location later shown in FBI photos taken on the night of November 22/23rd at the Secret Service garage. Since there is no damage visible at Z255 and there is damage visible after the head shot, it would seem reasonable to think that the damage to the windshield was caused by a fragment from the head shot. The damage was found to be non-penetrating with a lead smear on the interior of the windshield. Blood spatter on the interior of the windshield is also visible in photos taken on he night of November 22/23. All this is also described in Robert Frazier's notes of his examination of the car at that time.


Is it true that the Atkins photo of the Man in the Doorway that shows the damaged windshield was taken BEFORE the fatal head shot?


Josiah, I keep goin back and on the first page of this topic I see both cracks or holes on the windshield in the famous Altgens photo and others here pointed them out to me.

The thing that even bolsters this cover-up is that the jacketed ammo was designed not to even fragment let alone explode! and the Carcano company said so and this could not happen. Lots of tiny fragments were ex-rayed in Kennedy’s skull that "lighted up like stars in the night" according to one FBI at the autopsy. Compare that damage to the "magic bullet" that went through Kennedy and Connally with barely a scratch and the exploding bullet or bullets from the head shot.

Just that alone and the fact that one of the empty Shells found on the 6th floor had a dent on its mouth that would make it unable to fire and Oswald was eating lunch at the time according to witnesses.

When officer Roger Craig first found the 3 shells they were neatly lined up, a clear sign that the guy in the window was a decoy who thought he was doing a test and I was told by agents the next day in Texas that it was a test that went bad, that was Hoover’s excuse to suspicious agents right after the hit.

One more thing that has not been pointed out on the Zapruder film is when Connally emerges from the freeway sign he is facing right at the camera, even his shoulders just a moment before Kennedy grabs his throat making it impossible for the magic bullet to do what they say it did and they always show him looking straight ahead in simulations and drawings when he was hit... even in the Altgens photo his face and body is still facing towards the Zapruder camera while Kennedy is holding his throat.

Everything about the case has been doctored and confusion is the best way to get away with a coup.

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Brief Dudman note. Recently I was kicked off the STL today website by a moderator named "Mandy" I like to post JFK and Cold War connections material on BIG NEWSPAPER SITES SO That I can convince myself that I am a Hegelian world-changing individual even though I never understood a single word he said.

Well anyway, the article I posted that SEEMS to have gotten me kicked off was the December 1 1963 article by Dudman mentioning the windshield. Dudman is still alive. Well within two days I was removed from the stl today forums, a place where I liked to be, because it was 1) full spectrum 2) got reposts from all over North America because there are many emigrees from Stl Louis area by oceans and 3) to thousands of views.

I had been posting on this site for 10 years.

Then suddenly I post the Dudman article in the site of the St. Louis Post Dispatch and I am removed. By a moderator named Mandy.

Now I sent an e-mail to a certain journalist employed at Stl Today who I know is pro-conspiracy although he mostly writes about movies.

He wrote back to the effect that there was little he could do but said I should know how certain agents operate and shouldn't be too surprised.

In view of Weldon's comments on BOR that Dudman was frightened into silence, I thought this censorship --when contrasted with my ten years of posting on the STL today site-- might be interesting. I had posted lots on JFK and CIA history before. But this was posting an old article from the St. Louis Post Dispatch itself. FWIW

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said: I am suspicious of the FBI bulky photos as I do not believe they can be properly authenticated.

Robert Frazier told me the FBI bulky photos were taken during the forensic exam of the limo. I don't know how much better a source there is than that. After I had that confirmation I contacted NARA and asked them to add the date to them, since RF, who was the head of the FBI forensic team, had dated them. They refused, saying it was too late to make a change.

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