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You said:

"But you're wrong, Ken, Hudson was standing on an approximately 5 foot stretch of sidewalk between two groups of stairs. What would you call this flat stretch of concrete? I would call it a sidewalk. The area behind the retaining wall, on the other hand, I would not call a sidewalk. I would call it a slab."

Jack then said (regarding your "sidewalk"):

"It is not a sidewalk. In construction parlance, it is called a LANDING. Landings are very common on stairways, and are usually square (same width as length of treads)."”

So which one is it? Let Emmett Hudson, himself, in his Warren Commission testimony, answer the question:

"Well, I was right along -- you see, the steps come down the steps for a way and then there is a broad place. . ." (Volume VII, p. 560).

Hudson calls it "a broad place." Like Jack's "landing." Not a sidewalk.

Then on the very next page of his testimony, Hudson says the young fellow laid down on "the sidewalk."

Hudson makes a definite distinction between the "broad place" and "the sidewalk."

Pat. You've chosen to call an obvious sidewalk a slab and Hudson's "broad place" a sidewalk. You've got it all backwards and that just prolongs 46+ years of unnecessary confusion.


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