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British Economy Survey

John Simkin

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This online journal provides an essential up-to-date source of information on the state of the British economy. The contributors are all experienced writers in the areas of Economics and Business Studies and choose their own approach to each topic. The blend of analysis and vital factual information will vary from section to section, but the overall aim is to provide a critical understanding of a wide range of contemporary developments. It is organised under 14 regular sections: 1: Government economic policy; 2: Structure of industry; 3: The public sector ; 4: The monetary system; 5: Public finance; 6: Industrial relations and employment; 7: The UK balance of payments; 8: The UK and the European Union; 9: The UK and the world economy; 10: Human resources in business; 11: Production and operation; 12: Marketing; 13: Accounting and finance; 14: Special article; Questions and answers.


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