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I like to post on a sports board and we have a section of that board called "the Lounge"...a place where we talk about different stuff..hottest new Hollywood tart..politics...and JFK. A friend of mine posted "get the motive and you solve the crime". (note - this was a crime - murder).

So I thought about it a bit - he was right - what was the motive? Problem is - there are multiple possible motives in this case;


LBJ - hated the Kennedys (but it's unlikely he could do it on his own).

Texas Oil men (in collusion with LBJ or not) - due to the oil tax rules.

LBJ/Texas oil men and the Birchers - combination of the oil thing and JFK's racial stance.

Racial hatred - JFK was a "Ni__ger lover... the south hated him.

The Cuba deal - JFK didn't go "whole hog" on a potentially world destroying fight against the bad guys.

The Cuba deal - even though JFK wanted to get Castro, he had a different agenda. JFK wanted a voting Democracy in Cuba instead of Communism. The mafia saw Communism and Democracy as equally bad things. Democracy/Communism both allow the will of the people. They wanted a Dictator who (when properly bribed) would give them a free hand in Cuba.

JFK was a Catholic (something I thought/and still think) was inconsequential - yet people in Brittian and N. Ireland kill each other over. Many folks in the USA were afraid that our President was getting orders from the Vatican.

The Vietnam war - Kennedy was against escalation...the MIC was for escalation.

The Mafia - JFK had been elected due to some mafia help - yet he wasn't helping on Cuba the way they wanted and his brother (AG) was going after them.

...........perfect storm (and I am missing some stuff)

I have always tossed the "lone nut" theory as silly. I did think the local (Texas)l theory was plausible...local Dallas Birchers...but with a previous attempt in Chicago that lays that theory to waste. This was a nationwide (taxpayer funded) hit.

JMHO. :unsure:

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