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GB said:Her strongest point is that even if she were faking it would not make sense for her

to simply guess as to whether LHO was circumsized or not, especially since that information was in the autopsy record.

With all due respect, the photos are not really the issue. Has someone asked Marina?

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That appears to be a John Wood CONTACT SHEET. I may be mistaken, but I think

that I was the source for most of those images, although it is possible that John

acquired the same set which I obtained from Gary Shaw.


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This is easily the most surreal thread in the history of this forum. We're arguing about Oswald's dick, people!

My two cents on Oswald's member... The black and white photos look legit. The color photo is a fake sold some conspiracy theorist years or decades ago under the assumption conspiracy theorists will pay for anything. The member could belong to Chancey Holt or James Files for all we know.

If only it could be found on the John Wood Contact sheet... then hilarity could ensue...

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When Judyth's description of Lee as having "impressive equipment"

was posted in the thread, Dean sent me the following photograph as

(what he interpreted to be) evidence he took to contradict Judyth:

So far as I have been able to discern, this photo is not in the sheet

to which you refer. It also appears to be a fake. The testicles, for

example, do not correspond to those seen in the photos you posted.

It also looks as though this photo was taken from a closer distance

than the others you have posted, which, of course, creates a very

misleading impression of relative size. I presume you know this.    

So the photo I have (but cannot find), which substantiates Judyth

in spades, seems to have disappeared from the face of the Earth,

and this new photo, which seems to trivialize his size, has appeared.

What do you think is going on, Jack? Why is the photo I have not

in the set? In fact, neither of the ones you have posted seems to be

there either. This new one appears to be a fake. You can't see that?

It is going to be a major disappointment if you are unable to agree

with the faking of this new photograph, Jack. You know quite a lot

about perspective, relative size and such. Apply that knowledge here.

I expect silly remarks from Duncan MacRae, but not from you. The

average erection of the male penis in the US is between six and seven

inches. The point is that his was that large after he was actually dead.

P.S. The evidence of circumcision appears to me to be equivocal. You

should post the autopsy report so we can examine it because, from the

photos we have here, it appears to be too close to call, don't you think?

I agree with Jim

Of course I think we need to look into this and try to find out whats going on

Jim I hope you can find that picture, if you do find it and it shows an even larger LHO then I think there is a real case of a fake photo, or a switched photo

I think this is a big deal, there are many films and photos that I consider altered for sure, this is looking like yet another case of that

Jim if you find this photo that you know you have please email it to me ASAP


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Jim...I obtained the FBI color slide copy WHICH YOU THINK IS FAKED in the


It is the same today as it was 30 years ago when I first saw it. Now when

do you propose that the retouching was done and for what purpose MORE


JVB was unknown 30 years ago. Nobody could have had the prescience

to retouch the color slide in preparation for a question being raised regarding

JVB's knowledge of circumcision. This is perhaps the most far out theory

since Specter proposed the SBT. (sorry about the odious comparison)


Edited by Kathy Beckett
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Regarding the LHO scrotum, he apparently suffered from either a

single or double varicocele or hydrocele, or both. There are operations

to correct both of these malfunctions. I am not a doctor and do not

play one on tv. But ask any doctor.


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Jim...I do not know why the John Wood FBI set does not contain the penis

shot. It was in the set that I borrowed from Gary Shaw and copied more

than 30 years ago. I even used it in my slide presentations. It is not a

fake. I assume all copies of it on the internet came from me posting it

on a forum many years ago. If I have had it for 30+ years, how can ypu

propose that it is fake? I assume the FBI set is in the National Archives.

I did not fake the photo.


PS...I am more curious about the shaved public hairs than the size of

the machinery. Please ask JVB about the shaved area.

Edited by Kathy Beckett
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I have shortened Judyth's reply. This is the pertinent paragraph:

"In addition, I did not know Haslam was writing another book. It came as a complete surprise,

or otherwise I would have warned him about the unauthorized status of the book."

So my question remains: Even though Haslam had JVB "correct and corroborate" her story that he published in DMM,

why did he never divulge to her that he was writing a book in which she would play a key role? (That is what JVB claimed)

Good question, Michael. Judyth knew he was an author, she had reviewed his book on Amazon in January 2000. What year did they meet again? And does Haslam say when he decided to write another book?

And having Haslam interested in her story, whether he was writing another book or not ... why would Judyth tell him to read her book and not tell him it was unauthorized if it is so error ridden and incomplete?


Barb :-)

They met by telephone in 2000. Haslam writes of meeting her in person at a restaurant in Bradenton, Florida in 2001.

Judyth Baker's aging mother lived in Bradenton. I don't recall if Haslam said when he decided to write another book.

As for your last question, I believe Judyth Baker answered it here: http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.ph...st&p=189339

I intend to post more about this later. Thanks for your comment, Barb.

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