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Anthony F. Czajkowski aka Tony Czaikowsky of the CIA

Guest Tom Scully

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Guest Tom Scully

Recently, I linked the Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co. V.P., James R. Greene, whose name surfaced in the questioning of WC witness,

George DeMohrenschildt, with the reference of meeting arranged for Clemard Joseph Charles with a "Mr. Green. Subsequently, I found

that the name of the author of the CIA report in which this May 7, 1963, scheduled meeting is described, has been misspelled since the

CIA report he authored has been in the public domain. So, I wondered, who was Anthony F. Czajkowski, aka Czaikowski?

The cover page , HSCA Segregated CIA Collection/HSCA Segregated CIA Collection, Box 14/

NARA Record Number: 1993.08.05.14:10:03:090007 , titled ON 29 APRIL 1963 DOROTHE MATLACK TELEPHONED TO THE EFFECT THAT...

displays this.: "Whofrom CZAJKOWSKI A.F.


Page no.4, of the report of CIA's A. F. Czajkowski.:


The page at the link above is difficult to read, so I include the following interpretation of relevant portions of this page, from AJ Weberman's "Nodule 10":



1. On (Illegible) April 1963 Dorothe Matlack, Domestic Exploitation (Illegible) Army telephoned to the effect that (deleted) had left Haiti six days earlier and had just arrived (deleted). A friend of Charles, named Joseph Dryer, West Palm Beach, Florida, had written to General Delmar, former (Illegible) Antilles Command recommending Charles as a man of great interest to the U.S. Government in view of the (Illegible) in Haiti. ......

8. Both Charles and DeMohrenschildt were anxious to arrange meetings with government officials in Washington. I mentioned to Charles that a meeting had been arranged for him at 2:15 p.m. and that a Mr. Green would meet him in the lobby. At 1410 Mrs. Matlack, Mr. and Mrs. DeMohrenschildt and I departed and Charles remained in the lobby waiting for contact.

...12. On May 8, 1963, Mrs. Matlack telephoned to advise that the Operational Branch of ASCI was discussing the Charles case with DD/P to determine future course of action. ....Mrs. Matlack mentioned that a dispatch had been received to the effect that a cousin of Clemard Joseph Charles was prominently mentioned as a successor to "Papa Doc" Duvalier, should the latter be overthrown. She was of the opinion that the U.S. Government should continue to 'play ball' with Clemard Joseph Charles as a future asset in Haitian affairs. A.F. Czaikowski." [NARA 1993.08.05.14:10:03:090007]

Note that Weberman misspelled Czajkowski's name, in the last sentence, above, so have most other researchers.:


The road to Dallas: the assassination of John F. Kennedy‎ - Page 188

David E. Kaiser - History - 2008 - 509 pages

The debrief was handled by a CIA operative from the New York Domestic ... but

Czaikowski promised Charles another meeting with a "Mr. Green" later in the ...

Limited preview -

All of the following information about now deceased (d. Oct. 31, 1998 ) CIA agent Anthony F. Czajnowski, representing himself to George DeMohrenschildt and Clemard Joseph Charles as a "Georgetown University professor", comes from publicly available sources. I was surprised to find these details in the obituaries of his ex-wife and his daughter.:


Washington Post - ProQuest Archiver - May 15, 1998

...Bronislawa "Betty" Czajkowski, 80, who had done volunteer work at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church in Bethesda, died of a heart attack May 12 at National Naval Medical Center.

Mrs. Czajkowski, who lived in Bethesda, was born in New York, where she attended Pratt Institute. She moved to the Washington area from Missouri in 1951.

She was active in the Mothers Club at Stone Ridge Country Day School, which her daughters attended, and she was a member of the Chevy Chase Recreation Association. She was an avid bridge player.

With her husband, Anthony F. Czajkowski, a Central Intelligence Agency official, she traveled extensively to Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, Okinawa, Hong Kong during the war in Vietnam. Later, they traveled to Poland and Ukraine.

In addition to her husband, whom she married in 1942, survivors include three children, (son) Czajkowski of xxxx, N.J., (son) Czajkowski of xxxxx and (daughter) of xxxxxx; and six grandchildren. A daughter, Antoinette Czajkowski, died in 1994.

(Obituary of daughter, Antoinette:)


Palm Beach Post - NewsBank - Sep 19, 1994

Miss Czajkowski was born in New York City on June 3, 1943. She lived in St. Louis, Missouri from 1946 to 1951 where her father was on the St. Louis ...



- Palm Beach Post - NewsBank - Sep 19, 1994

She lived in St. Louis, Missouri from 1946 to 1951 where her father was on the St. Louis University Faculty. In 1951, she moved to Bethesda, Maryland where ...


Montgomery Trolley Plan Travels on a Bumpy Track; Governor's Proposal...

- Washington Post - ProQuest Archiver - Oct 15, 1989

"We call it the trolley folly," said [Anthony F. Czajkowski], ... Czajkowski, 71, is a former history professor who worked 21 years for the CIA before


Montgomery Trolley Plan Travels on a Bumpy Track; Governor's Proposal...

- Washington Post - ProQuest Archiver - Oct 15, 1989

Czajkowski, 71, is a former history professor who worked 21 years for the CIA before retiring in 1972 and who now spends up to 70 hours a week fighting the



Lara Shohet

Intelligence, Academia and Industry

The US Intelligence Community has traditionally used publicly accessible information, in addition to any clandestine sources, to conduct analysis. Analysts draw on

information contained in academic works, journals, magazines, newspapers, and files of US corporations with overseas operations1. They have often gained important insights

from open sources without resorting to clandestine methods of collection.

The IC interacts with industry and academia in three principal ways.

1. Collection

Since the late 1940's, the Contact Division of the CIA's Office of Operations has been tapping into the "vast potential information"2 available from academia and

industry. Scientists and academics attend conferences, where they meet and exchange information with colleagues from all parts of the world. Similarly, business people

travel continually, and compile reports on economic and financial affairs. As a result, academic and industrial sources have expertise and contacts that are valuable to the

Intelligence Community.

2. Research and Development

The IC uses private contractors to research and develop new technologies. The U2, for instance, was designed and built by the Lockheed Corporation. Their work

supports the DO, the DS&T, as well as the DI.

3. Advising

Representatives from academia and industry have served on committees to oversee and advise the IC. In 1950, for instance, a panel of "Princeton consultants" was

established to review draft estimates. Similarly, The President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board is composed of private citizens who are responsible for reporting to

the President on the performance, progress and problems of the IC....

...2 Anthony F. Czajkowski, "Techniques of Domestic Intelligence Collection," Studies in Intelligence, vol.3, no.1 (Winter 1959), pp. 69-83.


Inside CIA's private world: declassified articles from the agency's internal ...‎ - Page 51

H. Bradford Westerfield - Political Science - 1997 - 512 pages

Techniques of Domestic Intelligence Collection ANTHONY F. CZAJKOWSKI The process

of getting intelligence information out of people is normally associated ...

Limited preview

The entire article, titled "Techniques of Domestic Intelligence Collection," authored by Anthony F. Czajkowski, copyright 1949, is available online in the book

linked immediately above.

Cjazkowski collaborated on a planned book on the subject of CIA's "Air America", of which only excerpts appear to have been completed and published.:


Air America: Played a Crucial Part of the Emergency Helicopter ...

At the request of O.B. Harnage, CIA air officer at the embassy, several helicopters were assigned to collect people from the ... Anthony F. Czajkowski is a former Central Intelligence Agency officer and contract historian with the CIA.

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I find the Charles & DeMoh Show fascinating.

Every time I see a new post or article on the subject I'm always on alert for

possible heroin connections, as that is what I suspect the Russian and the

Haitian were up to.

Interesting that Czajkowski was a historian for Air America and his primary

Asian outpost was Laos.

Edited by Cliff Varnell
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