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Elsbeth St Apartmernt

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Used to be a fire escape installed some years after Oswald lived there...It was NOT there when he lived there as some have claimed. I think it was address 604, but not sure... This should clear this last question as to that place and what apartment it was.

On another matter: reference Email, today, to John Simkin:

".... John: With all due respect, effective immediately. I would like you to remove my membership, bio, and password from your Education Forum website: I no longer intend to post or log onto same. This is for personal reasons and has nothing to do with any ongoing debates. In my view, the JFK section of the Forum has gone into disarray and lost its objectivity and professionalism. I am not comfortable being associated with the downward spiral and caliber of the personel and their postings of late. This is by no means meant to be personal toward you or Andy. ...". William Plumlee aka Tosh Plumlee

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