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Hows this for a conspiracy Two.

Guest Stephen Turner

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Guest Stephen Turner

TUC figures, show wealthy individuals and big business avoided paying over 25 billion in tax in 2008. Some four billion of that tax was lost from Non-doms. And even the ones who admitted to living here (Great Britain) didn't pay much, a full third of Britains top 700 Companies don't pay any tax at all.

No-one is sure how much money is deposited in tax avoiding bank accounts around the World. But the IMF (hardly Anti capitalist) reckons it is over, hold your breath, £ 4.6 TRILLION! and its not just individuals, all the major high street banks have branches in offshore havens, including the likes of RBS ( those swine again) and Lloyds, that the poor old tax payer has spent billions bailing out.

At the same time, accountants like KPMS advise Companies on how to slash job and avoid paying redundacy money, and then aid them in hiding their profits.

You can even lodge the money in a London bank, one that we paid to bail out, and then claim its an offshore account and never pay a penny in tax.

But only if you're rich.

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