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Ed Hoffman passed away at 8:40 pm tonight

Guest Duncan MacRae

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I'm sorry to hear that!

RIP Ed Hoffman.

Rick Needham has informed members of my forum that Ed Hoffman passed away last night at 8.40 pm.

May he rest in peace.

Rick's message

Duncan MacRae

To me Ed Hoffmann always was the main witness of the two interacting men behind the south fence of the grassy knoll. Lee Bowers, who IMO saw the very same two man, passed away much earlier and under suspicious circumstances.


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I just read Duncan's forum page and thought it was so nice what Rick did for him, in his final days. I'm sorry to hear about Ed too. He was a very nice man. I met him the first time I went to the Dallas Confs. in 2000. I was sitting in the lounge area and saw a man walking down the hallway. He looked like someone I had seen before, but I thought that was strange, since I had never been there before. When he went on past me, it suddenly dawned on me it was Ed Hoffman. Of course I had seen photos of him many times. Then. I just felt so compelled to walk over and acknowledge him, yet when I did so, I realized I didn't really know how to communicate with him properly. I showed him my name badge and he smiled and shook my hand. I don't recall if I actually said anything to him or not, but I did have the feeling he realized my sentiments. Sometimes you can express mutual feelings without saying a word! He had a long struggle trying to get his story told as well as believed. I admire him very much.



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