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Alan, You may not have seen my question on a recent thread about Oswald's address book where you mentioned "Odum" and "John Train".

I asked:

"Posted 19 June 2010 - 04:22 AM


Did you not know that our friend Phil Ochs who went to Dealey as an observer, had the name for his other side, the side that had to kill Phil Ochs, was "John Train"?

I wonder why you never talk about Phil.

The man who picked me up at the airport in LA on my way to see Phil in 74 to get ready for the Midnight Special Show, was short and talked about the Hollywood connection and showed me a photo of a man driving a station wagon that picked up Oswald or his look a like. He had a long nose and in the photo, looking back out the drivers side window looked like he was using Man Tan because when I saw him on one of the shadow buses, just before he got off in Dallas with a group, one of whom told me JFK was going to be killed, he did not look like he had Man Tan on his face. Maybe he wanted to look Black in Dealey.... this friend of Phil's told me the drivers name was Odom or Odum and connected with the FBI.

Are you the man who talked to me in LA about what I knew and about Phil?"


You look like him so again would you please answer me, are you the man who talked to me in LA?

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