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CIA Weddings; A Harvard Residence Hall

Guest Tom Scully

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Guest Tom Scully

Yesterday, I read these references to Zapata Oil, Thomas Devine, Jack Crichton and George H.W. Bush....

...and it got me thinking about what the tie ins might be, the connections between them, beyond what I've already

found and posted about on other threads.

Zapata Corporation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Various writers have suggested that Zapata Off-Shore, and Bush in .... Jack Crichton and George H.W. Bush raised funds for the CIA's Operation 40. ...


The common demoninators, except for George Bush and Thomas Devine, ironically, are that everyone who is CIA, with names emboldened below, came out of the Eliot residence hall, one of twelve on the Harvard University Campus.

Devine's WUSALINE partner, John PC Train, live in a different residence hall at Harvard, but he was in the graduating class common to almost all of the Eliot group, and his partner in the Paris Review, George Plimpton, was CIA and out

of Eliot. Trubee Davison, best friend of Robert Lovett, well publicized attendee of John McCloy's wedding, seems to have headed the CIA office responsible for hiring all of them. Davison, at the urging of Cord Meyer, Jr's father, in 1916, convinced Davison's father, a JP Morgan partner quite busy financing both sides in WWI, to help finance the Yale Aero club, which later became the first volunteer US Air squadron in France. Cord Meyer already had his pilot's license, since


It seems to come down to a wedding 80 years ago, and two more weddings in the 1950s.



- New York Times - Apr 25, 1930

and Mrs. :r Ci. , to John J. McCloy of New York and Philadelphia at the home of ... Harry Brunie of New York will be best man. After the reception that will ...

Related web pages

Marriage Announcement 2 -- No Title

- New York Times - Apr 26, 1930

... son of Mrs. John J. McCloy of Philadelphia, took place this evening at 8 o clock at the home of the bride ... Harry Brunie of New York was the best man. ...



- New York Times - Jul 5, 1951

WASHINGTON, July 4 F. Trubee Davison, former Assistant Secretary of War for Air, has been named Director of Personnel and assistant to Lieut. Gen. ...


Archives search reopens issue of Geronimo's skull

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Pittsburgh Post Gazette - May 8, 2006

Even so, there is no indication the letter writer or the recipient, F. Trubee Davison -- who went on to become director of personnel at the CIA and who died ...


1918 letter claims Geronimo's bones found - USA TODAY - USA Today


Becomes Vice President Of the Empire Trust Co.

- New York Times - Aug 5, 1953

John Alston Crichton as vice president of the Empire Trust Company, was announced yesterday by Henry C. Brunie, president. Mr. Crichtdn will be in the .


Henry C. Brunie Dies;Ex-Empire Trust Chief

New York Times - Apr 13, 1985

Henry C. Brunie, a former chairman of the Empire Trust Company and a retired ... Conn.; a stepson, Charles J. Hubbard of Huntington, LI, and nine grandchildren.

I've highlighted the names of the known and the accused CIA "assets" in the excerpts posted below. The obituaries of Albert Carter and Andre Rheault say that they were CIA, as do the wikipedia pages of Thomas Devine and Charles Whitehouse. It just seems to me that the wedding parties of Albert B. Carter, Jr. and Alexander Aldrich were chock full of CIA. Even some of the other ushers who are not identified as CIA, draw my interest. Charles Hubbard, the fellow usher of Edwin Bohlen, Thomas Devine, Alexander Aldrich, and Andre Rheault, (all chosen by the grrom, Albert B. Carter, Jr. of the CIA....) happened to be the step-son of Henry Brunie, the boss of Jack Crichton, and the best man in John McCloy's wedding. Brunie's wife, Anna Fuller Hubbard, the mother of Charles Hubbard, was an outstanding tennis player in the 1920s and 30s who competed against and must have been well acquainted with the wife of CD Jackson, Grace Bristed.


History of Eliot House

Eliot House is one of twelve residential houses at Harvard College.

...The Masters

In the seventy-one years of its existence, Eliot House has had only five masters. The first master was Roger Bigelow Merriam '96 (1931-42) who was chosen to establish the Oxbridge model of residental colleges at Eliot. He was succeded by John Huston Finley '25 Ph. D. '33 (1942-68) who cultivated Eliot's somewhat deserved reputation as the bastion of Rhodes scholars, champion rowers, and Yankee aristocrats. Alan Heimert '49 Ph. D. '60 and his wife Arline Grimes Heimert were co-masters from 1968-1991, and they managed the introduction of co-education and co-residence at Eliot. The Heimerts were succeeded by Steve Mitchell and Kirstine Forsgard (1991-2000) who transitioned Eliot through the randomization process and the introduction of the housing "lottery." In 2000, current Masters Lino Pertile, Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures, and Anna Bensted were appointed.


The house was originally built to accomodate two-hundred and ninety-four students in forty-seven single suites, ninety double suites, twenty-one triple suites, and one quadruple, ranging in price for each student from $100 to $580 a year. Freshmen (and they were, really, only men) were required to apply and interview for entrance to the House...

...During World War II, U.S. Navy Office candidates from 1942-46 occupied Eliot House, and the linoleum in the dining hall is a legacy of that occupation as their repeated swabbings destroyed the original wooden floor!...



Pay-Per-View - Chicago Tribune - ProQuest Archiver - Oct 2, 1955

... Edwin Bohlen, whose uncle, Charles E. Bohlen, is am- bassador to Russia, ... Tex., Andre Rheault and Henry Cabot of Boston, and Charles Hubbard. ..


Diplomats' Kin Usher at Barbara Pullman's Wedding Today

Pay-Per-View - Chicago Tribune - ProQuest Archiver - Oct 1, 1955

One of the young men is Alexander Aldrich, whose ... broth- ers of the bride; Thomas Devine of Midland, Tex., Andre Rhe- ault and Henry Cabot. of Bos- ton, ...


Harvard alumni directory

Aldrlch, Alexander 50. 178 Columbia Heights. Brooklyn 1. NY [Eliot, Law, c46-50

AB; L50-53 LLB].


Harvard Alumni Directory


Bohlen, Edwin Upton Curtis 51, 86 Randolph Rd., Chestnut Hill 67, Mass. [Ehot, c47-51 AB]


Harvard Alumni Directory


Carter, Albert Bradley, Jr., 50, 12 Charming St., Cambridge 38, Mass. [Eliot, c46-50 AB].


Harvard Alumni Directory (Office), Harvard ... - 1960

427213 Hubbard. Chartes Joseph 50. 7 Beech Hill Rd.. RFD 3. Huntington, NY [Eliot, Res., c46-50 AB


Harvard Alumni Directory


Rheault, Andre Eugene 51, 1225 Potomac St., NW, Washington, DC [Eliot, c47-51 AB].


Harvard Alumni Directory (Office), Harvard ... - 1960

Plimpton, George Ames 48. 541 E. 72nd St., New York 21, NY [Adams, Eliot. Publ., c44-45 47-50 AB 48(51)]


Harvard Alumni Directory


Train, John Pell Coster 50, Lawrence Farms. Mount Kisco, NY [Lowell, c46-50



- New York Times - Aug 12, 1951

... brother of the bride: Edward H. Auchincdoss and Charles S. VVhitehouse of New York, Arnold W. Hunne-well Jr. of Bqstcn, Andre E. Rheault of ', Mass.,


Arnold W. Hunne-ell Jr. of Bqstcn, Andre E. Rheault of ', Mass., Hugh Scott of Philadelphia, Albert Carter of Washington and J. Reid Heuer of Palm Beach, .


Harvard Alumni Directory (Office), Harvard ... - 1970

Hunnewell. Arnold Welles Jr 50, 304 Clapboardtree St, Westwood, Mass 02090 El, Law AB 50, LLB 53

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