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Biography: David Purcell

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I've been following and researching the JFK assassination since about 1985. I had written a play and while it was being performed in Chicago a fellow I worked with asked me to write a biography of his family as his father and mother both had worked for Al Capone. My research into his family led me to connections with Jack Ruby and Frank Nitti. The man's uncle worked at the train yard where Nitti supposedly committed suicide. He told me that he had seen 2 men escorting a struggling Nitti to the rear of the yard and then he heard a shot and only the 2 escorts walked back out. I talked with people who knew Ruby when he was in Chicago and they gave me stories. The only really interesting or new item was that -supposedly-a southside mob boss named Frank Laporte used Frank Sinatra as a courier for JFK's assassination. So I went from believing in the Warren Report to reading Mark Lane and Joachim Joesten. My research ended when my apartment was robbed and only my notes and my camera which had pictures of Ruby's mob connected places was taken. I also witnessed 2 mob guys beating a guy with a baseball bat and being threatened myself. So I gave up my research then. Now I'm retired and trying to piece together what I had gathered and write a fictional account of my Chicago research and the mob ties to the JFK assassination. I only believe that the mob was used as a small but necessary ingredient but who are not ultimately responsible.

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