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I solved the Betzner mystery and it wasn't much of one.

Once again, I have to admit that I was WRONG. That IS NOT Betzner in the Martin film

The girl in the blue dress, who leads Rosemary around the wall is the person we see in Martin's film.

Watch the gif, after Rosemary passes her, she heads under the post toward the street. You can barely see the top of her head going in that direction.

Then watch the guy in the suit(on the right) start to lean.

My apologies to all.

I still believe the timing isn't correct, but I can't prove it with this .

Back to tracking Rosemary and counting frames for now.



I have to admit I'm wrong again.

The person in the Martin film who I originally thought was Betzner, then blue dress lady, the one who leads Rosemary as they run around the wall, is neither.

That person is Overall's man.

Check the hat and overall's in the 2 photo's. A match. imo

I believe we're back to timing and positioning problem's again.



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I've come up with a major mistake by Myer's.

This involves a John Martin and Z film sync problem.

If you have been following the other films we stabilized, I used the couple coming down the stairs as a sync point between Dorman and Martin.

Using this same couple as a sync between Martin and Z, is a major problem.

Myer's states that the last Martin frame is equal to Z146.

I've created a stabilized gif of the couple in Z starting at frame 146. I threw out the Z damaged frame of 157, as it screws up the stabilization, but that frame doesn't matter at this point.

Using Z146 as a sync point, one of the films has the couple out of order.

In fact, if you look at the actions of the girl in Z, from behind the man, she extends her right arm toward him as if to use him as a brace, while she adjusts her shoe with her left.

In Martin, she is down off the stairs, ahead of the man, who is still on the steps.

For the two films to coincide with each other, the events occuring in Z would have to take place later than what we are seeing now.





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