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Mikhail Platovsky

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Some important updates.

Mikhail Platovsky - CIA REDCAP-REDSOX agent/NTS coordinator, Minsk, 1960.


Extracts from Baylor Dental Clinic - Konon Molody had holes drilled in his teeth for identifaction purposes...


This timeline is a work in progress and has also recently been updated. At some stage, I intend adding a paper to the page setting out what I believe the timeline indicates.


All the above need to be read in conjunction with:


which shows that a US Embassy official was possibly at the Oswald wedding

and http://reopenkennedycase.forumotion.net/jf...otebook-t36.htm

Which shows the likelihood that John Pic debriefed Marina

The correlations seem rather stark, the Molody/Lonsdale angle alone seems rather like having a glass of ice water thrown in one's face..........Great work

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