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BRENNAN's Ability to See President During Attack

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....Good Day.... BRENNAN's body position atop the reflecting pool wall is precisely pinpointed here:



BRENNAN's sitting location atop the wall as seen in the DORMAN and

ZAPRUDER films is about only 5'-6' different than where he sat for the warrenatti

camera to recreate his location in CE478.

His actual attack body facing position seen in DORMAN & ZAP is

approximately facing towards the center of the Houston/Elm intersection.

His head facing direction changes. At Zf-207 just before ZAPRUDER panned him

out of the film sprocket area his head is facing LEVEL, and his face is turned hard

to his left, facing over his left shoulder, towards the limousine, and he is

simultaneously facing approximately 90 degrees away from the warrenatti

apologists "snipers lair" at Zf-207.

At Zf-206/207 the pyracantha tree a few feet northwest of the reflecting pool steps

would have started to block BRENNAN's view of President KENNEDY

(whose headtop was then some 7' to 8' lower than BRENNAN's headtop by just


From Zf-252/253 and completely AFTER Zf-252/253, BRENNAN's view of

the president was completely obstructed by the tall cement

monument that borders the west side of the north reflecting pool's northside steps

(near the same pyracantha tree).

Additionally, at Zf-313 --and not supporting, at all, what

BRENNAN chose to write in his book-- BRENNAN's view of the

limousine was still completely obstructed by the tall monument that borders the

west side of the north reflecting pool's northside steps.... in other words

--despite what he wrote in his book-- BRENNAN lied and could not have

possibly have seen the President's head explode nor could BRENNAN have

possibly seen the bloody remnants of the head explosion because the tall

monument completely hid his Zf-313 view of the president....

....Looking at it another way.... if (as he warrenatti testified in 1964) BRENNAN did

see an assassin in the TSBD sixth floor easternmost window trigger a shot, and, if

(as he warrenatti testified) after watching an assassin in the TSBD sixth floor

easternmost "snipers lair" window fire a shot BRENNAN did immediately turn back

to his left towards the president after the "snipers lair" gunman fired, and if

BRENNAN could still see the president (as he warrenatti testified), and since

BRENNAN could have only seen President KENNEDY before Zf-252/253, it

means that the TSBD sixth floor easternmost window "snipers lair" assassin fired

the LAST shot that BRENNAN saw the TSBD sixth floor easternmost

window "snipers lair" assassin fire BEFORE timestamp Zf-252/253.


CV-67, "Big John," USS John F. Kennedy Plank Walker

Sooner, or later, the Truth emerges Clearly





T ogether

E veryone

A chieves

M ore

"Based on the statements of these witnesses, if the smoke they reported was in

fact the result of gunfire, it would have originated in the area of the top of

the grassy knoll. There is no way of determining what type of ammunition was

used in that "gunfire" so that is can be stated conclusively whether the smoke

seen by the witnesses is consistent with smoke produced by the type of

ammunition used in any gunfire from the knoll. Nevertheless, a firearms expert

engaged by the committee explained that irrespective of the exact type of

ammunition used, it would be possible for witnesses to have seen smoke if a gun

had been fired from that arena. According to the expert, both "smokeless" and

smoke-producing ammunition may leave a trace of smoke that would be visible to

the eye in sunlight.(371) That is because even with smokeless ammunition, when

the weapon was fired, nitrocellulose bases in the powder which are impregnated

with nitroglycerin may give off smoke, albeit less smoke than black or smoke-

producing ammunition.(372) In addition, residue remaining in the weapon from

previous firings, as well as cleaning solution which might have been used on the

weapon, could cause even more smoke to be discharged in subsequent firings of

the weapon.(373)"

----SURELL BRADY, H.S.C.A. Staff Counsel Report

Edited by Don Roberdeau
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