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So many possibilties

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OK - we all know that the reasons for killing JFK were...............a bunch.

JFK pissed off Generals by not getting into a nuclear war (that some thought we could win with only a few hundred thousand casulties)

He also p!ssed off the Ex-Rich Cubans who previously controlled the island.

He p!ssed off the Mob because they had it all set up in Cuba to run a wonderful gambling/prostitution/ownership deal

He p!ssed off the sugar planters who were making big bucks off nearly slave labor.

He also p!ssed off the military who wanted to kick butt in Vietnam.

He also p!ssed off the Military Industrial Complex that wanted war so they could get nice paying jobs after they retired (for basically doing nothing other than making a few phone calls.....and of course the MIC wanted much more than that (see Howard Hughes and Bell).

He also p!ssed off the mob who thought they would have a fairly free hand but his brother went after them.

Then there were the niggers...southern folks hated him for being nice to the niggers (ex-slaves) and were afraid of them.

Then there was the oil depreciation allowance that he was going to take away.

Then he was a philanderer who acted like a playboy and didn't give any respect to his wife who was trying to raise his kids

Lotsa reasons - but I would follow the money.

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