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New Fetzer book says Wellstone assassinated

Ron Ecker

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Good for Fetzer. Whether he's right or wrong, I'm glad somebody at least decided to look into it.

Foul play? How shocking! Who would have guessed?


I agree. What really irks me is when people refuse to admit that a plane can be made to crash in such a way that the FAA won't be able to determine the cause. Oh please!!! I'm sure our military teaches courses on how to accomplish just that.

A logical argument can be made using the probabilities of a man dying in a small plane crash versus the probabilities of him dying in a car crash and then multiplying these probabilities by the amount of flights versus the amount of drives in a politicians' life. I don't have these numbers but I would be willing to wager that, even with the additional flying performed by the politician, he is 2-3 times more likely to die in a car crash than a plane crash. And yet we have this series of American politicians... Boggs, Tower, Carnahan, JFK Jr., and Wellstone all dying by plane crash at convenient times for the right wing of the U.S.A., and not one death of similar reknown coming in a car crash. As a result I believe it's illogical to fail to accept that at least one of these men died as the result of foul play. Of course, I don't have the numbers but I'd lay odds I'm right.

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