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Who is this man?

Wim Dankbaar

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Who is the man on the right of James Files? Picture was taken in New Orleans 1962.

I am renewing this request. I have long thought that this unidentified man, who is the real murderer of J.D. Tippit according to James Files, was a close friend and associate of Files for 40 years. But this thought proved to be false. The man has also been identified as one "Keith Lorenz", a CIA agent working in South East Asia. This lead also proved to be wrong.

However, I can add the following information now: This man is probably from Chicago but that is not absolutely sure. For example he could also be from Florida or Louisiana. It is sure that Texas was NOT his home state.

He worked for David Atlee Phillips. He was strictly CIA and one of Phillips' men. Therefore he should not be sought in the milieu of Organized Crime. If he worked for Phillips, he could have been one of the people training at JM/Wave or the Keys.

In the picture, the man looks to be in his early thirties. If still alive, he would be early 70 now.


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Apart from your guy looking a lot like a young Lou Reed, he does bear a resemblance to Larry Ronco. I haven't been able to find out much about Ronco other than he was a small time player with unconfirmed claims that he was offered a contract to kill Castro. I seriously doubt that was the case but he left Dallas after the assassination and seemingly disappeared. He was also knocking around with Bev Oliver in the summer of 1963 but was supposedly seeing Janet Conforto (Jada) at the time of the assassination.

The group shot below shows Bev on the far left, Ronco, an unidentified woman and a guy who looks a bit like the Tall Tramp or as I like to call him, Charles Harrelson. :o

I believe Bev said that the guy on the far right was named Emmit Anderson.



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