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If this document is REAL ...

Wim Dankbaar

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Yes, there were people in the Archives the following Monday after this was discussed widely online. The archivists had been previously contacted and'were already searching for the document.

The net result is that the RIF number thought to be associated with the document

in question does not relate to it, it has to do with something totally different. After several weeks of searching there appears to be no such document in the Treasury file series that relates to the internal document number series present on the first page of the memo. Althought it is impossible to say that the document is not at NARA or was ever transferred there, we can say that it was not recently located there nor is there anything that veriefies that it is there.

The initial source seems to have been a mysterious FBI man who gave a paper copy to a JFK conspiracy writer quite a while ago, the contents were described in a tabloid article and also in Dick Russell's first edition of The Man Who Knew Too Much back in the early 90's.

At this point it seems unlikely we will ever know the true source and circumstances under which it originated but it is unlikely that it will ever be traced back and verified as an official document in the Treasury Department Headquarters files or a document that can be shown to be in the NARA


-- Larry

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