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Biography: Jason Liszkiewicz

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The source version of this bio (with accompanying hyper-links & travel photos) is at http://bio.re-configure.org

As of February 2010 I was selected as a researcher for the World Water Assessment Program Report for UNESCO, a 'department' of the United Nations. A 40 page link resource with descriptions for each link that was a by-product from my research has been posted to water.re-configure.org.

Since January 2008, I have been Executive Director for the 501c3/non-profit Earth Intelligence Network (public intelligence online journal)

I recently finished a one year side project researching the "true cost" of a cotton t-shirt and produced a shirt that lists Water, Energy, Travel, Emissions, Pesticides/Toxins, Fertilizer, Import Cost, Labor.

As "Chief Scout" for the Earth Intelligence Network, I have poured myself into archiving many links here that include finds on information resources, mobile technology, online learning, simulations, data visualization, documentaries and events.

My first published writing came in the summer of 2008 in a book that consisted of over fifty writers entitled "Collective Intelligence: Creating a Prosperous World at Peace" (Free online version and hardback version available).

In January of 2006, I made my first presentation in the Washington D.C. area to an audience that consisted of former-CIA, current military intelligence officers, technology corporation executives, journalists, researchers, consultants, and a variety of others. The countries represented spanned from Singapore to South Africa to Canada.

Robert Steele organized that event, and as soon as he read a 2004/2005 proposal of mine, he offerred me a speaker position at his conference. The proposal had ideas that now could be expressed as converging GoogleEarth & Secondlife before either of the two were publicly released.

In the summer of 2006, I did my second presentation at Boston College for the seventh annual convention for the Media Ecology Association, where Smart Mobs author Howard Rheingold was also a speaker.

I have a high interest in the relations between our thinking and health when experiencing media/ multi-media, as well as independent experience, self-guided learning, customization, and being forced to adapt and adopt or conform to defectively designed environments.

I have the confidence of being able to walk into new environments, and after learning about the processes and operations, point out potentially innovative possibilities.

Edited by Jason Liszkiewicz
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