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Topic: What CIA elite Pegasus agent Trenton Parker told Rodney Stich in 1993 --

I currently think that Lyndon Johnson made a dirty deal with CIA Republicans to murder John Kennedy for many reasons both personal and ideological. I do think that Gen. Edward Lansdale helped orchestrate the JFK assassination. I also think that the Nelson Rockefeller angle to the JFK assassination has been much underplayed; I think that Rockefellers’s long CIA/OSS history and his close working relationships with Allen Dulles and especially Lyndon Johnson are telling. I am intrigued by the following passage and I think it has a lot of truth in it. (Also Google "Chip Tatum Pegasus" and see how George Herbert Walker Bush was attempting to use Pegasus agents to terrify/neutralize Ross Perot in the 1992 campaign. Perot knew ALL about the CIA/Bush gargantuan drug dealing of the 1980's.)

From Defrauding America, Rodney Stich, 3rd edition 1998 p. 638-639]:

“The Role of deep-cover CIA officer, Trenton Parker, has been described in earlier pages, and his function in the CIA's counter-intelligence unit, Pegasus. Parker had stated to me earlier that a CIA faction was responsible for the murder of JFK … During an August 21, 1993, conversation, in response to my questions, Parker said that his Pegasus group had tape recordings of plans to assassinate Kennedy. I asked him, "What group were these tapes identifying?" Parker replied: "Rockefeller, Allen Dulles, JOHNSON of Texas, GEORGE BUSH, and J. Edgar Hoover." I asked, "What was the nature of the conversation on these tapes?"

I don't have the tapes now, because all the tape recordings were turned over to [Congressman] Larry McDonald. But I listened to the tape recordings and there were conversations between Rockefeller, [J. Edgar] Hoover, where [Nelson] Rockefeller asks, "Are we going to have any problems?" And he said, "No, we aren't going to have any problems. I checked with Dulles. If they do their job we'll do our job." There are a whole bunch of tapes, because Hoover didn't realize that his phone has been tapped. Defrauding America, Rodney Stich, p. 638-639

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