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The Lyndon Johnson-Nelson Rockefeller connection in the JFK assassination

Guest Robert Morrow

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Guest Robert Morrow

If you are like me, and you think Lyndon Johnson was at the ground zero CENTER of the JFK assassination, you would be very interested in knowing WHO Lyndon Johnson wanted to replace himself with as President in 1968. And that person is NELSON ROCKEFELLER, a Republican, a man of the "other" party. And I think that the Big Reason for that was to continue to cover up the JFK assassination and hopefully STOP Robert Kennedy from winning in 1968.

I currently think Lyndon Johnson made a dirty deal with CIA Republicans to murder John Kennedy. There is just so much out there implicating BOTH LBJ and the CIA in the JFK assassination. Remember, Nelson Rockefeller was very deep and very long time CIA. He also was later appointed Vice President by Gerald Ford, another cover up artist in the JFK assassination. Birds of a feather flock together!

Astoundingly, Republican Nelson Rockefeller was the TOP (behind the scenes) choice of

Democrat Lyndon Johnson in 1968! From Robert Dallek’s book Flawed Giant, pp. 544-545]

“Johnson’s choice as his successor was New York’s Republican Governor Nelson Rockefeller. The two men had a high regard for each other. Johnson saw Rockefeller as a sensible moderate who, in Lady Bird’s words, “was a good human being, a person who was for the disadvantaged, who was a man of compassion, with a capable and effective mind, and capable of being effective, getting things done.” He also believed that Rockefeller was the one man who could beat Bobby Kennedy, no small asset in Johnson’s mind.

Rockefeller reciprocated Johnson’s feelings. He saw the President as “a great statesman and great American patriot.” Rockefeller said later: “He was a tremendous guy.” They and their wives enjoyed a warm personal relationship. Nelson recalled how frank his wife Happy could be with Lyndon, telling him at the ranch not to drive so fast or drink too much. “She was successful in getting him to slow down, which I don’t think most people were.” …

Toward the end of April [1968], Johnson invited the Rockefellers to the White Housee for dinner, where he urged the governor to declare for the Republican nomination. “He was very friendly about ’68, and very supportive of me for ’68,” Rockefeller said. Johnson also told him he would never campaign against him. Happy Rockefeller remembered how during that evening Johnson urged Rockefeller to run. “He did want Nelson to be President,” she said. Johnson encouraged others to back Rockefeller as well. On April 7, after Irwin Miller, a prominent member of “Republicans for Johnson” in 1964 had asked whether the president would object to his chairing a Draft Rockefeller Committee, LBJ have Miller “a full speed go-ahead.”

Rockefeller did not need much prodding. On April 10, following a brief conversation with Johnson at New York’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral, where they attended Archbishop Terence Cooke’s installation, Rockefeller announced his “availability” for the Republican nomination. On April 30, after the White House evening, Rockefeller declared himself a candidate for the presidency.” [p. 545, A Flawed Giant, Robert Dallek]

The book Thy Will be Done: the Conquest of the Amazon: Nelson Rockefeller and Evangelism in the Age of Oil is about Nelson Rockefeller. It talks about how CLOSE Lyndon Johnson and Nelson Rockefeller were. In spring of 1968, after LBJ withdrew, he was actually trying to talk Nelson Rockefeller into running for president! (p. 588). Then in Johnson's retirement, Nelson and Happy Rockefeller often visited LBJ on his ranch in Texas (p. 711). Lyndon Johnson and Nelson Rockefeller were close personal friends.

Almost all the key players under Lyndon Johnson were Council on Foreign Relations, a tool of the Rockefeller family. http://www.politico....0310/34945.html Lyndon Johnson’s so-called “wise men” on Vietnam: “Present at the White House meeting were Dean Acheson, George Ball, McGeorge Bundy, Clark Clifford, Arthur Dean, Douglas Dillon, Supreme Court Justice Abe Fortas, Averell Harriman, Henry Cabot Lodge Jr., Robert Murphy, Cyrus Vance and Gens. Omar Bradley, Matthew Ridgway and Maxwell Taylor”

Read more: http://www.politico....l#ixzz0tIjaNCiz

NOW LOOK AT WHAT JOHN KENNEDY WAS NOT - tied into the Rockefellers, he was a RIVAL to Nelson Rockefeller ... Very key quote below by Schlesinger. In particular note how much the NY Times and CFR have lied about and covered up the Kennedy assassination for 50 years. Henry Kissinger was Nelson Rockefeller’s closest foreign policy aide for many years.

Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., in his book on the Kennedy presidency, A Thousand Days, wrote that Kennedy was not part of what he called the "New York establishment":

"In particular, he was little acquainted with the New York financial and legal community-- that arsenal of talent which had so long furnished a steady supply of always orthodox and often able people to Democratic as well as Republican administrations. This community was the heart of the American Establishment. Its household deities were Henry Stimson and Elihu Root; its present leaders, Robert Lovett and John J. McCloy; its front organizations, the Rockefeller, Ford and Carnegie foundations and the Council on Foreign Relations; its organs, the New York Times and Foreign Affairs."[14]


Now read this link about Lyndon Johnson, Birch Bayh putting in the 25th Amendment specifically for NELSON ROCKEFELLER! http://www.reformati...-president.html


From Defrauding America, Rodney Stich, 3rd edition 1998 p. 638-639]:

“The Role of deep-cover CIA officer, Trenton Parker, has been described in earlier pages, and his function in the CIA's counter-intelligence unit, Pegasus. Parker had stated to me earlier that a CIA faction was responsible for the murder of JFK … During an August 21, 1993, conversation, in response to my questions, Parker said that his Pegasus group had tape recordings of plans to assassinate Kennedy. I asked him, "What group were these tapes identifying?" Parker replied: "Rockefeller, Allen Dulles, JOHNSON of Texas, GEORGE BUSH, and J. Edgar Hoover." I asked, "What was the nature of the conversation on these tapes?"

I don't have the tapes now, because all the tape recordings were turned over to [Congressman] Larry McDonald. But I listened to the tape recordings and there were conversations between Rockefeller, [J. Edgar] Hoover, where [Nelson] Rockefeller asks, "Are we going to have any problems?" And he said, "No, we aren't going to have any problems. I checked with Dulles. If they do their job we'll do our job." There are a whole bunch of tapes, because Hoover didn't realize that his phone has been tapped. Defrauding America, Rodney Stich, p. 638-639]:

Edited by Robert Morrow
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