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Excellent Video On The Mannlicher-Carcano Rifle

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A fellow by the name of Brendan (who originally posted this information at the JFK-Lancer forum) made a very good video recently about the general operation of a Mannlicher-Carcano rifle (equipped with the exact same type of cheap Japanese telescope that was on Lee Oswald's rifle).

I don't know if Brendan is a conspiracy believer or not, but this video is quite good at showing some of the basic properties of the MC rifle.

Brendan gets a few facts wrong in the video (the head shot was at 88 yards, not 77), but overall I was impressed by the things I saw in this video presentation:

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Thanks for that Dave,

It is very informative, and his conclusion is that Oswald, if he was in fact the Sixth Floor Sniper, and used that rifle, didn't use the scope, at least for the third head shot.

So why have the scope at all?

If Oswald must have taken the rifle into the TSBD broken down, and its so easy to take apart and put together in a few minutes with a dime, how come we don't see a

demonstration of this?


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