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Steven Gaal

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Nine days before the assassination my Mom dropped me off at the Ambassador Hotel. I saw RFK speak and kick off his California Campaign. The night of the assassination I was home and heard RFK say,"..on to Chicago..", I turned off my small B&W TV. In the morning I knew the USA wasnt the greatest place on Earth. At the trial the right wing media (smaller then)started attacking coroner Noguchi. They said he had had sex with dead Hollywood starlets ?!? I was 15 and had already read Rush to Judgement and I smelled a rat !! Since then I have studied conspiracy on and off. I have worked with William Weston on a number of JFK matters. Ive had 13 years of college (science/medicine/pharmacy/electronics). Now I take care of people in their homes on ventilators. I have two grand kids. My interests are alternative energy/medicine/politics and protestant theology. I follow the Lord Christ. THANKS SG

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