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Biography: Richard Hocking

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In 1971 I received a Bachelor of Science Degree from the College of Social Science at Michigan State University along with a teaching Certificate. My studies were centered on Geography, Physical Geography and History of Western Civilization, In later years I received AS Degrees in Computer Science and Electronics Engineering Technology. For the last 15 years I have been self-employed, primarily as an IT Consultant.

I was in Junior High School math class when the announcement came over the PA that President Kennedy had been killed. A few hours later I was on my paper route delivering newspapers that carried headlines about the assassination.

By the time of the media circus surrounding the Garrison Investigation, I had read “Rush to Judgment” and was convinced there was a cover-up taking place. Over the years, I have accumulated a modest collection of books and articles on the assassinations. I have been organizing information into a custom JFK Database I created.

It is important for independent researchers to create a comprehensive account of the events that have shaped our present society. The Power Structure has an on-going interest in suppressing that story. We may never be sure of the names of the individuals who pulled the triggers in the assassinations, but we can identify the forces that were at work, the identities of the key groups and players, and the perceived threats to their special interests that provoked them into radical actions.

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