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(Merged) Fetzer / Burton Apollo Hoax debate thread

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As for Gene Cernan's claims of how he allegedly landed the Apollo 17 LM on the Moon, it's obvious to anyone not wearing Apollogist blinders, that he completely contradicted the Apollo 11 story of how Armstrong allegedly landed the LM, while at the same time claiming that they both landed it the same way... A bold faced lie, or an inability to get their stories straight? .. Either way, it's a lie.

Finally had chance to have a quick look into this one.

Didn't take long to find out that the engine bell on the descent stage was increased in length by 10" for the J-class missions - leaving just 12" ground clearance. I suspect that's why there was a requirement for those missions to shut the engines off before landing. Makes sense that there would be an increased danger of the "blowback" that Cernan referred to.

Look at the ground clearance in this Apollo 11 image - AS11-40-5915


and compare it to the the ground clearance on this Apollo 17 image - AS17-147-22517


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Thanks Dave - that explains it.

It may explain why Cernan's Apollo 17 LM landing story didn't match that of Armstrong's, but it doesn't explain how the A17 LM could actually "freefall" (according to Cernan) without there being a danger of it not landing safely on the uneven, rock strewn, crater filled, dust covered lunar surface.

It also doesn't explain why Cernan didn't know the famous Apollo 11 "landing" story, or that his LM descent engine was different from that of Armstrong's.

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