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While it is tempting to want to believe the acoustic analysis because it supports a shot from the Grassy Knoll , to accept that analysis requires that you also accept the single bullet theory because that same acoustic analysis only assigns one shot at a time when the photographic evidence indicates there were two shots. Likewise, the acoustic analysis is quite dogmatic that a shot came from a very specific location behind the picket fence ,the Josiah Thompson location , however the photographic evidence also does not confirm this.

In short, the acoustic analysis is not completely correct.

This is not to say there was not a shooter on the Knoll, there was. However he was not at the location that is assigned to him by a margin of error of just +/- 5 feet by the acoustic analysis.

After BBN determined that a shot may have come from the Knoll, the HSCA changed the analysis provider and gave the task to the firm Weiss and Ashkenazi to pinpoint the location of the shooter on the Knoll.

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