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The Keeper of the keys

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It was my opinion that the Keeper of the Keys in the assassination of John F. Kennedy was Robert Maheu until his death in 2008. Now I believe it is George Herbert Walker Bush.

Robert Maheu became familiar to me when reading about Howard Hughes long before I read anything substantial about the killing of Kennedy.

Spartacus gives us an idea who Robert Maheu is, but I have long since suspected him of being in the know from other material.


Prouty used to talk about "power."

I was in Jeju Island , Korea about the time GHWB flew his jet in from China a few years ago.

Like most events I heard about while abroad, even though I was there , I could have not gotten anywhere near that event - hosted I am sure for influential Koreans.

This some 15 years after he left office - now that is power!

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