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For David Healy RE: Zavada Response to Doug Horne

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What you did with that last pull quote is worthy of Gerald Posner dealing with Howard Brennan.

A Posnerian Jihadist, perhaps? The elision did you a favour, as your attacks on Horne in the omitted paragraphs are by turns hypocritical, misplaced and/or thoroughly unconvincing.

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If Horne believes that Greer may have fired the fatal shot....well that isn't a very comforting thought given Horne's rigorous study of other issues. How one could make such a fatal mistake as to say Greer pulled the trigger is beyond me. Physics itself wouldn't allow such a scenario.

I don't understand lol......you simply consider the Z-film a "witness", there is no way in living hell that "witness" (with such explosive information) would be allowed to endure unmolested, I simply find any alternative difficult to believe.

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