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One Weekend in Dallas

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* American accents are required for each role unless otherwise indicated.


Lee Harvey Oswald: The accused assassin of President Kennedy 20 – 30

Captain J.W Fritz: Formidable Head of Homicide and leading the Oswald investigation 60’s

FBI Agent Hosty: Assisting Fritz’s investigation with background knowledge of Oswald 30’s

Deputy Sherriff Craig: Part of the investigation but is sure there is more to the JFK shooting 30’s

FBI Agent Shanklin: Hosty’s superior / Head of Dallas FBI bureau 50’s

Detective Leavelle: Fritz’s right hand man. 40’s

Assistant DA Alexander: Dallas legal eagle in the investigation of Oswald 40’s


District Attorney Wade: Vehemently outspoken of Oswald’s guilt in the Nov. 22nd shootings 50’s

Marina Oswald: Oswald’s Russian born wife (Russian accent required) 20’s

Judge Johnston: Oversees rushed hearing of Oswald’s charges 50 - 60

Detective Graves: Another right hand man for Fritz Any age


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